No Smoking Day
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21 days!

It's 3 weeks since I had the last ciggie on Wednesday 27th February at 7.30am! I can now taste things and have my sense of smell back. I don't smell anymore! It's odd, because when I walk past people having a ciggie outside work, it really stinks! I didn't notice it before.

I'm still getting the odd craving, but to be honest the thought of actually tasting a cigarette makes me feel sick.

I do feel restless and need to keep myself occupied in the evenings. I've been cooking stuff for the freezer and my fingers stink of garlic - better than fags though!

I even went to Meadowhall (or Meadowhell as we call it in Sheffield!) last night, just to do something. I actually hate the place, but it was something to do.

Any tips on keeping busy would be very welcome! :)

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