No Smoking Day
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Day 6 isn't it sweet!

Hey everyone! How are you all??

Alls good here, enjoying a cosy night in with the family :D

I had more craves today than any day yet but I'm putting that down to it being the weekend and I've more time to think about it! When I say crave though I don't actually want a cig it's more of a feeling that something's missing if you know what I mean. On my third no smoking book, hope to get it finished this weekend as I now understand knowledge is power!!!

My sense of smell has returned and I know because I caught the hubby out lovely! He quit the same time as me but I knew I smelt smoke from his jacket when I passed it in the hall! Of course he denied it at first but then he finally admitted it. He was afraid if I knew he gave in that I would go straight to the shop for cigs and he didnt want to admit defeat or for me to think of him as a failure. I told him I was determined this time and I'm done with smoking whether he's with me or not! I told him to talk to me before giving in next time as I want to help him! And the best way to help him is to prove it can be done :D:D

I'm also feeling quite chuffed as on my previous quit I had already given in at this stage so I'm doing well :)

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Thanks Kat, had to come on and blow my trumpet a bit lol!

Hope your having a lovely weekend x


Well done girl x

Blow that trumpet girl...

Well done xo


hey well done Mrs Mash :D

you are doing so well and you will find that your taste buds will change too i know i had to change my brand of coffee as the kenco i had been drinking for years and years suddenly tasted disgusting :eek:

l also found quite afew things tasted more yummier too and became a BIG LOVER of chocolate :eek: once upon a time i used to chuck it away as it used to sit in my cubboard and went horrible but i have now got control over that side and only allow myself afew pieces at a time and have to sit and enjoy them slowly instead of just chucking them into my mouth like the cookie monster hehe


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