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Being Selfish!


Just my personal thoughts for anyone starting on their road to freedom...

"Quitting smoking is the most selfish thing you can do!"

Don't agree? Then you need to think about WHY you're quitting - what motivates you?

Don't do it for your kids / parents / partner - these are all very worthy reasons to want to stop smoking, but the most important reason at the heart of every quit has to be YOU. If you set off thinking you're doing this for anyone else it will feel like more of a sacrifice. Realise that you are doing this, first and foremost, for yourself. You are so worth it!

Read, read and read. And when you've finished, read some more. Understand the nature of addiction. Every one of us on this forum is a drug addict, just as surely as if you were a heroin or cocaine user. It's just that our drug of choice, despite being one of the most destructive and addictive substances known to mankind, also happens to be completely legal and sold on every street corner. We are addicts and we always will be for the rest of our lives. The best we can do is put our addiction into remission, but never ever forget - we are addicts. It is never OK to have 'just one' because that's not how addiction works - you will be puffing away like a chimney again before you know it.

Sometimes we see posts from people saying they've 'slipped' or 'blipped' and should they put themselves back into the 'day 1' room? I think people who slip and carry on with a successful quit are far far stronger than me - I know for me it would be the beginning of the end, but my answer to their question would be - "do whatever you want that feels right for you". You don't have to justify yourself to anyone except yourself. It's your quit, it's about you. All the marvellous benefits to yourself, physically and mentally, and to your relationships with those you love, will follow naturally in the coming weeks and months, once you make that committment to yourself.


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Nice read.

Wise words and I'm gonna b selfish now loool.

I'm doing this FOR ME, my health.

I'm doing this for myself and my children r also my inspiration.

I Loved reading this so much truth in it.

How long have u quit or have u always been a non-smoker?

I loved reading, and have tones of books I'm going to pick up and start to read again.

I would rather get lost in a good read, then get lost in nicotine.

: )

not selfish

Perhaps it is more selfish to keep on smoking than to quit. If one does not smoke nobody will enhale one's smoke.

Well sorry, but I will have to disagree with that.

The only reason I stopped was because my daughter (she's 10)nagged me, I am stopping for her, I did not want to stop (this is my first attempt). She has recently learned about the effects of smoking on the body and begged me to stop.

Most mother's will put their children before themselves, and I put my daughter's fears first.:D

It doesn't matter what route the train takes to get to it's destination, it's reaching the destination that counts. :)

Well, we can agree to disagree:D

I just think if you do if for yourself it makes the whole battle so much easier, and everything else just follows naturally.

But as you say, it's the destination that counts - so whatever works for you!

Am doing it for myself, haven't got kids and am single so there's only me to care about and OK my parents are delighted I've stopped (my dad always hated that I smoked) but in the end I'm being selfish!!

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