No Smoking Day
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MrsMash is back on the wagon!

Well folks after a stupid week long relapse I'm back on the wagon! Signed up to my local stop smoking clinic this time! I'm throwing everything at this demon this time and reading reading reading!

Looking forward to catching up with you all again, I just hope I get the same support! Lesson learnt from last quit, don't fall for the nicodemon's words of wisdom!

Please don't feel I didn't value your support last time as I truly did! I just fell at the first hurdle - drink - so I'm cutting that out for a while too!

Onwards and upwards

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Yay Mrs Mash wishing you well in your quit just remember baby steps xx


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back!

Got up in great form today not with the usual panic which I normally get when I start a quit doing well even though I'm having a crazy day at work and just telling myself even if I did smoke it wouldn't change my workload it would only give me additional stress! Just giving Nitch backchat when he tries to bug me and I must say I'm quite enjoying it :D

Hope your all well!

Mrs Spud (lol good one Max!)


Way to go. Keep it up I am on day 14 and am enjoying the battle with the nicotine monster, he is not ever going to trap me again. Keep positive. Good luck


Welcome back Mrs will get there.if I can,anyone can.:D

Go girl..............................


Well done for giving it another go Mrs Mash! You can always rely on support here!:)



Everyone loves a trier! I'm sure you'll do just fine this time. Please don't look too far ahead tho.

Fi x


Thanks everyone! Glad to be back and well done to each of you on your quits! I can't wait till the day I'm coming back to help those starting out!

Aww carol your doing amazing, to think I could have been where you are if I hadn't of gave in makes me more determined this time!


Welcome back, just in time for no smoking day too :D


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