D'oh! Climbing back on the wagon

Stupid stupid me - managed 5 days last week then ruined it at the weekend. I could go into the whole thing but really there are no excuses are there?:mad:

Anyway getting back on it (or off them) starting tomorrow.

The only tiny upside is that i know i dont want that to happen again. I was surprised i made it as far as i did...so at least now i know its possible and i can imagine stopping forever, which i couldnt before.

Hope i'm allowed back in here - will do you all proud this time!

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  • Well done for coming back- there was a similar post last week from somebody who came back but it took him over a year. I smoked 2 cigarettes 2 weeks ago, and today was the first day that I felt maybe it would be ok, so hold your headup, put your best foot forward and get back in the saddle:D

  • Lots of helping hands here to pull you back on board!

    Don't be discouraged. Most of us have tried and failed, and at least you're not giving it up as hopeless and going back to smoking. That shows courage.

    It's going to be tough now the demon has his claws back in you, but you can do this! Good luck xxx

  • welcome back!! if at first you dont succeed,try,try again!! now you really know what you need to do so do it!! glad you came back:D

  • Every fail is a learning process. Remember what made you light up and plan for what you will do in the future in that situation.

    Well done for jumping straight back on. Took me 2 years to do that, so be proud of yourself.


  • D'oh! Climbing back on the wagon

    **Throws you a rope, don't climb, we'll pull you! That's what we're here for!**

    Stupid stupid me - managed 5 days last week then ruined it at the weekend. I could go into the whole thing but really there are no excuses are there?:mad!

    You're not stupid, you're human! Most of us will fail 9/10 times, and thats based on the lower end of the statistics lol ! :)

    Good luck re-trying! :)

  • Thanks!

    Thanks guys - the guilt was crippling at first but trying to turn it into a positive as in i dont want to feel that again and how if i hadnt smoked i'd have done a week now! Really looking forward to finally posting on day 8 next Tuesday.:)

  • Hi

    One wee bit od advice, write down what it was that sealed the deal to have that smoke. Then think about how you'll deal with it diffferently - or even just avoid it completely next time.

    Good luck

  • Don't feel bad and beat yourself up about it... you're not the 1st to fall of the wagon and I doubt you will be the last. Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get ready to hit it head on this time :)

    Shaz x

  • Every time you don't make it, you learn something. I'd guess I've given up 7 or 8 times, and learned something valuable each time. This time I've put all the lessons together, and I'm now on day 9 and while I miss a puff or two, I haven't been tempted (even this morning when I put on a different jacket and found a pack in the pocket!!). When the yearning for a puff comes (like right now), I just accept that I've got to go through the "pain" in order to get the nicotene out of the system. So the sooner it's out the better. And if I start to smoke, then sooner or later, I'll have to go through the whole thing again. I just keep reminding myself of why I'm quitting = I don't want to smoke any more.

  • When most of us slip up while quitting, we end up smoking for months or even years before we attempt again, so don't beat yourself up too much over it.

    Just remember that moment next time you're tempted! I know the feeling well, the disappointment far outweighs any pleasure a smoke gives you.

  • Don´t worry - keep trying, you will succeed!

  • Lots of us have been there, so brave of you to come back and have another go right away, that is real guts.

    Go you!

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