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Six Months on


I gave up in the 2nd week of Aug '12 after 30years (ish) of smoking. When I gave up I was smoking between 40 & 60 a day depending on how stressed I felt.

Champix helped me where no other methods could reach... I've tried dozens of times and failed repeatedly, smoking even when on patches and the like.

Yet, here I am, after 6 months... I'm seriously missing the smokes, even to the point of waking up from dreams where I'm surrounded by (and enjoying) cigarettes...

The cravings have come on really, really strong.


I did enjoy smoking... but I don't want to be a smoker.

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Well that was a wasted post... I anticipated some words of encouragement or such, but apparently it's just a case of "get on with it n shut up".

Well done

Hi Karl, not wanting to b a smoker is key! You say you miss the smokes but you know you could have one if you wanted to. You just choose not to! WELL DONE!

Hi Karlm, I think that the vast majority of poeple you'd consider active on this forum are still in the first few days, weeks or even a couple of months into their quit. You can see this from where the traffic is.

Yours is equally important so please don't think that you're being ignored, no-one is, but respectfully that's one hell of a post sir! 30 years of 40-60 a day, still craving after 6 months?? My personal view is that there will be very few people who can empathise with that, I certainly can't and empathetic posts are (from my experience) the most considered and valuable. And sorry, Sunday is very busy in our household, just catching up...

I can offer encouraging words though, on top of the comments from Max and Haze, who are both deservedly respected and quite right. This is the right place to share your experiences and I'm pleased you did, you are doing really well at 6 months so I'm seeing you as a success story!

6 months + no smoking = great stuff.

Perhaps your habit was that bit deeper and for longer than most, so the process of shedding it may take proportionately longer too. I don't know, but wish you all the best in your quit and hope you have the strength to sail through to calmer waters soon. :)


Fab post from Hawkeye, my thoughts exactly. I think you're just past the euphoric stage in your quit and are perhaps feeling a bit jaded. I'm sure this feeling will pass.

Well you know what Karl, 6 months is an amazing achievement, be proud, very proud my love.

Fi x

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