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Nutmeg at 6 Months

So, today 9th March, 2013 is a good day:)

Its 6 month today since I kicked Mr Silky Cut out of my life.

And you know, it's been a relatively easy journey for me, just 'my time' or 'this is the one' I guess. Approached this quit with a quiet determination coupled with a different state of mind.

Again mixed emotions, and although I'm so proud and pleased, I'm also quite tearful today, I think I'm homing in to the fact that I so regret not having succeeded in my previous attempts.

Just love you all

Fi x

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Whoo whooo. Well done,Fi. You should be so proud of yourself:D. Onwards to the penthouse. Let's hope it's all downhill for that bit xxxx


Great stuff Fi, well deserved congratulations to you; especially nice to see someone who's given so much support to others on this forum, have success themselves ;)


Keep it going

KEEP IT GOING Nutmeg im so so proud of you, you are an inspiration to all of us :D:D:D:D


Ah Fi, you my love, are a legend! I'm so very proud of you.

You are truly an inspiration to those that follow you in their quits. You have been utterly positive and steadfast.

You are always so compassionate, understanding and supportive of everyone.

You deserve to sail straight into the penthouse and with your attitude to your quit, the next 6 months will fly :)

Molly x


Many congratulations Fi! I had no doubt that you would get to 6 months and I have no doubt I will be welcoming you into the Penthouse in 6 months time too.xxxx


Many congratulations for the 6 month milestone, its a fantastic achievement :)

I also had lots of trouble with a Mr Silk Cut , but I know I won't be seeing him again, as I will be making it to 6 months and beyond even though its still a way in the distance.

May your quit continue smoothly all the way to the Penthouse.

Donna x


Thank you so, so much for all your praise and congrats, it's much appreciated. You know children love praise and encouragement, guess us as adults do too eh?

I'm so pleased and proud of myself:). As are all my beautiful, loving, supportive family:)

And as the long term quitters say, the longer the period of time that passes, the easier this quitting malarkey is (I totally agree).

So, bearing this in mind, I look forward to this next 6 months being relatively plain sailing. Never will I be complacent though, I've been at this stage of a quit before and succumbed.

However, as I've repeatedly said, this quit has always, always felt different and I'm sure that's a good sign.

Thanks again

Fi xx


Yay massive well done Fi, 6 months is amazing, you should be very proud, I can understand you being sad your previous quits didn't succeed but forget about them, you have succeeded in this one. Celebrate the moment x


Thanks Karen

I'm actually having a wee glass of Champers which I got in a gift from my son today, so I'll raise a glass to all my forum friends:)

We did good:)

Fi x


Thanks Jos

So Jos, We' re doing good eh, how many of us Olympic Quitters 2012 are still going strong?

Fi x


So, Nutmeg at six months. That's a fantastic achievement, half way to the penthouse and going great!

congratulations Fi, and well done you! :)



Thanks, much appreciated. You too are doing well, more than half way to the 6 month, it'll be here before you know it. Way to go:)

Fi x


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