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No Smoking Day
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6 Months Today - Halfway House

Hi all

6 months smoke free today and it’s worth every day of every one of those early month’s; your food intake settles back to normal, your sleep pattern returns to normal and you stop having that niggle that something is missing.

It creeps up on you, but you will know when it has clicked, you wake up in the morning and don’t think about smoking instead drinking fresh coffee, you finish a meal and think about washing instead of smoking but the best thing of all is paying for your petrol and seeing how much a packet of 20 are now:eek::eek

Here's to the next 6 months.... :)

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Thanks Deb - you'll be there before you know it x


Huge congrats Lucy, just what I needed to read tonight after feeling so fed up, keep telling myself it will get better and your post has helped to motivate me again - cheers!


Massive congratulations Lucy, I pray for the day when smoking is no longer on my mind, so happy for you



Super - glad to have been of help, sometimes just reading an upbeat post can really spur you on, I know if did with me!

Donna - if you carry on as you are and believe in what you are doing it will happen and I'll be cheering you all the way.

thanks both x


At last!! I was looking out all day yesterday for your post Lucy :)

HUGE congratulations from me- what can I say other than you're fantastic? You were such a help and inspiration to me in those early days. Well done you!! :D

The Penthouse is getting awfully big now isn't it? No longer a dot on the distant horizen. :)


Congratulations Lucy. Great news and really good to see a fellow nov/dec quitter make it to the halfway house!


Excellent news!!

November Quitters are nearly all in the Halfway House now.

Well done.


Well done, this is lovely watching you all troop through the doors, one by one. Bit like the end of Titanic.

Great post as well Lucy, I know exactly what you mean. :D


pic4ever.com/images/47b20s0... It's all downhill from now Sophie - congratulations pic4ever.com/images/greenst...


Hi Lucy.

You must be very proud off yourself, and rightly so:D

Fantastic achievement:D

Im no far behind you:D


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