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Three glasses of red wine :-((

Hi all I stupidity thought I could go out for a drink with my oh and feel fine I'am after all on day 10 what a huge mistake am craving like mad lucky enough I can't drive otherwise I think I would be in the car and round to the shop before anyone could stop me ! Am just going to go to bed now, don't think it helped when I mentioned to hubbie that I do NOT SMOKE anymore he was like oh really I hadn't noticed :/ let me just get through tonight x

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Hi Kat thanks so much for support ;-)) and reply, am heading off to bed so hopefully things will look better in the morning. Can I slap hubbie too ?? (Tee hee) xx


Trust me the drinking side of things gets better, I'm 3/4 of the way through a lovely chilled white wine and since quitting the morning after the night before feeling isn't half as bad as it was when I was smoking..

Drinking and early quit days don't always mix as the craves are still more frequent ... best off to bed for you .. not sure about the slapping of poor hubbie :eek:

keep going , legs eleven for you tomorrow

Donna x


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