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White wine

Ok this is the first time this quit that i have had a drink, i am at the computer in my PJ's (so i can't go out and buy fags) and i'm sharing a bottle of wine with OH.

My main fear right now is that if we have more than 1 bottle i will feel foul in the morning and go to the shop for "you know what". now i know the thing to do is to only have the 1 bottle but my defense tends to go to zero after about the 1st glass:eek:

So i'm going to sit on sofa drink wine with OH watch tv and maybe back later, to let u all know how it is going.

BTW it is our wedding anniversary tomorrow, so we are going out for a meal and more wine;)

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Ah, that first post-quit drink!

Hi Bev,

Cool, enjoy the wine! I had my first tentative beer on my day 4. I opened the can and sipped cautiously.

"Hey!" I shouted to my OH, "I can taste the alcohol in this!"

"You couldn't before?" came the quizzical answer.


I enjoyed that beer last Saturday night, I'd been missing "rewards" since quitting and it felt like a nice one, so I had another can, but stopped at the two in case the booze brought on sabre-toothed cravings! Still it's nice to know I can have a drink or two without feeling the need to smoke too strongly. I'm now going to increase the number of drinks carefully and see how I go he he.

Enjoy the wine and congrats to both of you on your upcoming wedding anniversary.




Second all that Chris says!

Enjoy the wine - bet you can taste it now! I had a lovely glass of Rose at the weekend and I could taste strawberries! Lovely.

Take it step by step - and savour the moment!

Congrats on your anniversary tomorrow - I hope you have a lovely time!:D


The result

ok so we have shared a bottle of wine, and i know that if i had fags in the house right now i would be smoking:(

so how the hell do i get through tomorrow and tomorrow night?

please don't tell me to "be strong" etc no offence but white wine and being strong will not work, so do i go out on my wedding anni and not drink? do i not go out? DO I NEVER DRINK AGAIN? OMG the more i type the worse i feel.

i know the nextdoor neighbour has fags, i'm even thinking of getting dressed and going round.

Ok i will pull myself together, TODAY I CHOOSE NOT TO SMOKE.

i have a really busy day with the kids tomorrow so hopefully that will keep my mind busy. and then i will face the evening.

sorry a long one again.


Make 'em as long as needed Bev - this place is for getting out our smoking-related (and other) feelings after all!

Wooo yeah booze and giving up seems like playing with fire! Looks like we've both got trials coming up tomorrow then - your anniversary shindig and me out in the pub for the first time. I'm bloody terrified ha ha. All I'm going to do is be sensible (ish). I'm going to drink and have fun but if whilst drinking the urge to smoke feels like it's getting too strong, I'll swap to pop. (This in itself will be a challenge and if any of my mates read that they'd think I'd been body-snatched and replaced by some weird alien Chris!) Good luck to us both...

I won't say be strong, I won't say be weak - just ride out the craving and get through the minutes - that's what's got us both this far.


How did you get on last night Bev? Hope you managed to keep the urge at bay!!! I'm counting on you getting into the week 2 folder soon!!!!

It's tough with the plonk I know - I love going out and it seems that from now until September there are wall to wall birthdays and nights out for one reason or another. The thought of going out and drinking scares the hell out of me - but the thought of going out and just having 'one or two' at a party is almost as bad! :eek:

But, at some point I think you've got to face it down and start making those new connections in the brain and destroying the old ones. That first bottle of vino without a smoke will undoubtedly be the hardest, but like everything else about quitting, it'll get easier by degrees.

You're doing great... race ya to a month!!! ;)


I hear you:rolleyes:

Don't know what you can do. I have managed to get to the point where one glass is just about okay... But nothing brings on the cravings like alcohol for me.

I actually purposely started again a while ago as i knew i was going to Glastonbury festival and that INEVITABLY i would end up smoking. I was not going to forego the cider bus It was 7.50 a packet there so a bit of an expensive choice.

Good Luck, I would just try one or two, mayne take the inhalator as well if you have it.


Sending happy vibes to Bev on her anniversary ~~~~~~~~~~~

How about changing what you drink? Would that work? :confused:


Happy Anniversary

yup happy anniversary Bev,

Hope it goes well!


A very happy anniversary indeed :)

Aside from my patches, i have a packet of nicotine gum too if things get particularly bad.

Just got to ride through it and be true to what you are trying to do here.

Aside from wearing a straight jacket, not alot you can do. Any alcohol lowers your resistance somewhat.. i know on fridays i like a good bottle of wine with the OH, but we do always leave it at just the one bottle.. any more than that and i'd be ill on it anyway :)

Hope you made it through and indeed make it through today.. please try .


I made it

So here i am at day 6, to think that on Friday at 1pm it will be a week.

Having a great Anniversary so far, Hubby bought me 2 gifts and left them for me on the bed this morning when he went to work, he then sent me a lovely text and when i got home from kids dance class there was a huge bunch of flowers. So guys remember when it is your anni,

1. At least 2 gifts and a card,

2. Romantic/sexy texts.

3. Flowers delivered. (not brought home from the petrol station)

4. Lovely evening at fave restaurant.

So not much to live upto then.:D

I have felt v tempted today, as although my OH has been fantastic i have been running here and there and the kids have made my life hell:mad: however the worst of the day is now over, i am going to feed the little dears v soon and the babysitter is coming in a couple of hours.

I WILL NOT SMOKE THIS EVENING, it is my OH wedding anni too, and he would be v upset if i did, and although i got him gifts too, and there will be one more from me later;) the best gift i can give him and the kids(and myself come to that) is to remain a non smoker.

Thanks for all your concern and support, it sooooo helps.



Well done you! I'm really glad you are having a nice anniversary day too - sounds like your OH is being a star! If you've got this far (and survived last night's wine test!) you know you've got the will power to go all the way.

It'll deffo be a great pressie for your OH if you stay stopped, as it will be for mine but it's also the best present we can give ourselves ;o)

congrats again and I'm sure I'll see you in the fabled land of week two soon



Well bev, i'll tell you this much.. you have come a LONG WAY, since you typed this:

but does anybody have any ideas how to get positive, the last couple of stops have failed because i can't get over that day 3/4 thing of thinking about cigs all the time

Here you are on what? day 6 and well on your way to your first week not smoking. So congrats you!! :) I'm proud of ya, you toughed it out, and you will get some truly easier days soon too.

DAY 6. well you got over that day '3/4 thing', so be pleased, very pleased.. coz i'm glad you've done this so far, and want to see you in the next forum on. (imagine!!.. week 2 soon!!!!) 14 days is half a month pretty much if you think of it in weeks. so your not far off your first week and will soon be in your second.

You will not smoke today... nor tomorrow, nor next week........


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