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I don't even know what room I am supposed to be posting in anymore, but I am now on day 25.

I am really am sorry for not posting much, truth is I find it much easier to stay away from anything that reminds me of smoking.

This forum and the people on this forum really helped me through the first 10 days and I am so grateful for all of your support - but I some how find it easier now to NOT visit the forum so much as it ends up just reminding me of smoking when I wasn't thinking about it before... does that make sense??

Anyway, I am still doing well, craves are easily dismissed, I can get pi$$ed and not think about it too much and I have been going jogging every other day.

I now snack on fruit and drink loads of water as I don't want to put on a lot of weight. The Jogging/Healthy eating also adds an extra incentive to stay away from the death sticks. I jog the same route everytime so far and its great to be able to beat my fastest time. Amazingly, the first time I went jogging, I could barely breathe which made it really hard, it was my lungs which couldn't cope. Now it seems that my lungs are getting more used to it and its my legs that are holding me back. I've knocked nearly 4 minutes off of my first jogging time!! Maybe its psychological that my lungs are getting better already, but I dont care... it keeps me motivated.

Anyway, i can see that I've started rambling (again), enough about me, how is everyone else doing?

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Well done Craig , day 25 is brilliant stuff !

Yes your comments do make sense and many people can associate with your thoughts re not coming to the forum quite so often after the first few days flurry of excitement ! You just need to keep doing what you are doing because its obviously working for you.

The great thing about the forum is that you know its always here if you need it for a rant or ramble, or just fancy having a read through the posts in the background.

keep going

Donna :)


Thanks for the replies guys, it really means a lot. I'm also glad to see that you are all still doing so well!

Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere for a long period of time, I will still be popping in at least once a week :-)

Lets keep going guys, we've got this!!


I'm still here with you Craig and understand what you say about avoiding reminders of smoking. I don't feel the need to do daily updates now as there's nothing much to report. We've managed to adjust to life without smoking. We rule!!!:D


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