Incredible day 9

Cant believe its nine days now without a cig. I had a moment this morning when I was getting ready to go out, I picked up a lighter that was left lying around and went in search for my ciggies. Took me a few minutes to realise I no longer smoked so there weren't any cigs. Thought this might have triggered the evil nicotine man to start nagging, but he stayed quiet. I feel very confident now that I will remain a none smoker for life.

3 Replies

  • Way to go Jeanie............I did the same this afternoon,then remembered I dont smoke anymore................:D

    DAY 10 FOR ME!!!!

  • Double figures tomorrow,, Way to go Jennie... All rooting for you .

  • Oh the number of times I did that :confused:

    Even thought when I was choosing a new bag - nice small one - the other day "theres room for my fags and stuff" then I realised :o

    Well done, and it's brilliant that didn't trigger the evil monster!!

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