A full year :)

A full year of no dirty fags.Not one slip:) cold turkey.I never thought i would ever be here. I just want to thank this sight and everybody, for giving me the help through my addiction. To this day i still have my challanges, i just choose not to smoke. One day at a time is what i take. I love at the end of a day knowing i chose not to smoke. I feel so much healthier, i also look healthier for it. I will keep choosing on a daily basis not to smoke . Thankyou all again. Keep up the good hard work everybody. Ann.

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  • Ooh well done Ann, that's fab!! It's lovely to see people coming back and saying they've done a whole year!!

  • Well done, what an achievement :)

  • Thats excellent to hear....wooohoooo for you! well done. xxx

  • Ann, you just became a hero! Massive congratulations, that's brilliant!!

  • Well done Ann :) that's fantastic !!!

  • Well done lostie - the first of many:D

  • Congratulations Ann, you should be amazingly proud....and enjoy the partying the penthouse!!

  • Congratulations Ann!

    And with an achievement as epic as yours I hope you enjoy your celebrations (which should by rights go on for at least a month - or maybe more :D)

    Molly x

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