No Smoking Day
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Day 4 wooohooo

I am a non smoker :D My heart is finally catching up with what I have been telling it since I read the book. cravings are minor, just feel light headed every now and then, I no longer feel sad when I remember I have quit. And whilst I have been telling people very confidently from the beginning that I will never smoke again, I actually believe myself now.

My little app on my phone tells me I have not smoked 73 cigarettes and have saved £26, I no longer feel ashamed, or have to hide or carry lots of perfumes, mints, handwashes. I can kiss my children without having to brush my teeth and wash my hands.

and when I go back on placement, I wont live in fear of any of the pregnant mums realising I smoke - I will be able to handle the long shifts with no breaks - and not worry I am breathing out fumes onto new babies hours after I last smoked.

Sorry I have rambled on a bit, but I have read all of your posts over the past few days, and it really does help.


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Fantastic, good for you. You are sounding really positive about it all! Keep up the good work, and always be on your guard in case of any unexpected craves. :)


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