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3 months today

Hello friends,

Just a quick note to inform it is 3 months today since I had a cigarette, having stopped cold turkey on the 4th of Dec 2012. Since then and without exaggeration I have had the single most difficult time of my life, which I won't dwell on or go into detail suffice to say it was why I did not post on here during the difficult time I was having. No pink fluffy clouds for me. This drug has a devastatingly powerful hold, for me mentally more than physically (although that is bad enough). However I was resolute and continue to be so and things are now much better. It is still difficult, and I am not through my dark days yet but I will continue putting one foot in front of the other and not put a fag in my gob. I remain hopeful that with each day that passes I move further forward towards being rid of this addiction for ever. I wouldn't have made it past 3 days without the forum so for that you have my sincere thanks. If all goes well guys I'll check back at the 6 months point. That's my goal.

God bless and good luck


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Well done Ollie !!! Great Achievement.

Like you I have found it very difficult.

But one day at a time we can beat this, the experience also gives us a strong incentive not to have to go through the process again.


Yes it was tough but I feel so much better. It wasn't just the fags there was other stuff in my life that was difficult and like others have found I guess, forces conspire against you when you quit (almost as it the drug had an evil cunnning plan to get you to give up and light up!). Not me though. I just had some bad days haha. We've all had them right? Coming out of the tunnel I feel and the sunshine looks good :D


Oh well done Ollie, that's brilliant!!

I hope your other things sort themselves out well too, it's tough but it's well worth it :D


Yesss....brilliant news, bloody well done Ollie!

Three months. Get in! :)


Yeah you to Hawkeye. Great stuff!


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