No Smoking Day
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end of day 20

Drifting thru this day, been for a 22 mile cycle with a friend who gave up smoking like 20 years ago, burnt him of the road :D think he was surprised how i did it, he does nt go out on bike as much as i do but to me he is a lot fitter than i am, breathing has improved a lot since giving up, not olympic material but im able to get thru a good jaunt without coughing up a lot of cr*p, after tomorrow night (sunday midnight) i'll be 3 weeks clean and into the 4th, gettin there slowly but surely , hope yer all doing well and staying strong :)

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Nice 1 Max, with giving up cigs means i can now save for a better bike than the one i have, so hopefully in a few weeks i'll be buying one :)


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