No Smoking Day
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Day 12

Im feeling very pleased with myself reaching this point, as on day 11 (last night) it was my daughters formal , lots of people were in my house so that means lots of food, drink and .... Smokers! Well i say im pleased because with me standing with a group of people who were all smoking and it did not bother me one bit even tho i was having a few beers, so im patting myself on the back for that one lol, 2 more days and i'll be starting week 3 ye haaa !!! Hope your all sticking at it, i know its diff for everyone but im finding this easy enough, have some bad moments but they do pass, you just gotta keep strong, good luck all :)

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A big pat on the back from me too, you should be proud of yourself!!! I like to watch smokers and take in the smell because it reminds me of how awful i used to look and smell, and also how much of an addiction it is. I am never going back there. Well done and enjoy the sweet smell of success. :)


Well done Squinter.

That's a huge test being with a group of smokers and staying strong. I'm at day 12 too but haven't been in that position yet as I don't have a social life lol!

Reward yourself for getting past that hurdle. :)


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