No Smoking Day
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Day 8 - this is Great!

Morning Gang!

So I have finally made it to the magical 1 week milestone - and there is no looking back!!

Strangely enough I've had a tough time this morning. woke up wanting a cig and it seem to take ages for the feeling to finally pass. it was like a double decker bus of a craving, but I stood strong, dug deep and here I am! still marching on! It was like I had the little shite sitting on my shoulder all morning, whispering in my ear, almost dare-ing me to do it. told him where to go, I know his evil plan.

As far as this smoking BEAST is concerned, it is KILL or be KILLED. and I'm NOT going to lose this fight! It's time to stand up and be counted. DOWN WITH THE BEAST!!!

How is everyone else doing today?

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Haha, well done craig! Love the saying kill or be killed. I will make a note of that one. :)


How is everyone else today? Just great thanks Craig, and I'm please to have met a kindred spirit using abject mental defiance to fight through.

I commented something a few weeks back that I need to incorporate into my signature somewhere. It's only a plant, we are top of the food chain, come on the humans! In the battle of Man vs Plant, today and henceforth...Man wins!!!


Go Craig. You are kicking butt. :)



IMO, you are now past the worst stage. My advice is baby steps, and please don't look too far ahead. You can don this:).

Fi x


Nice 1 Craig , your doin great, keep up the good work and keep strong :) It will get tricky at times but im thinking that with every day passing the cravings and even thinking of smoking will get less and less even tho it dont feel like it will ever go away.


Good on you Craig, your son is going to have one very proud daddy. Here's to week two. :)


It is going great so far Craig! Onwards and upwards now. :)


Hiya craig i have jaw ache from chewing to much gum.....

Serious i think i need to stop my jaw keeps locking up lol

glad your still here x


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