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Overwhelming desire to smoke

I have had a terrible, terrible day today, they say it comes in threes, but four awful situations have arisen today, and I have an overwhelming desire to smoke, I am fighting this with all my strength. I don't want one out of habit, or even as a crave, but as a crutch.

I will not do this, it is only a plant, it will not help in any way, shape of form.

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Deep breaths again and again

I promise you it will pass and it gets easier with time xxx


Hi Jane

So sorry to hear you have had an awful day today. It can happen like that.

I was so glad to read you saying you knew it wouldn't make anything better. That is the only thing that stopped me when I had really bad days.

When I really took my time to think (usually hiding myself away somewhere or on a walk/ride) it slowly dawned on me that these things would have always happened to me...whether I smoked or not.

It was realising that life was going to happen despite my decision to quit.

Eventually I accepted this and things began to get easier....and the beauty of staying quit is not just that you will be stronger, crave wise, for the next bad day to come they always do...but that you will hardly notice it's a bad day as your ceiling of acceptance of life's crap will have risen.

Overall ... win win :)

As others say, nice bath and an early night ... just what your heart ordered :)

Stay strong Jane

You CAN get through this

Take care



Hope you feel a bit better now Jane, well done for not caving ;)


Well done - truly well done - for keeping hold of that thought Jane.

I remember posting on here when a day had just thrown seven colours of sh1te at me, and I'd ended up, teary and miserable and with a couple of beers inside me, standing outside tescos looking at the tobacco counter. I came SO close, it was the worst struggle I had in my whole quit, I think.

I remember telling myself, I'd just not smoke today, and if I still felt the same way the next day I'd come back and buy some.

I felt a bit battered the next day, but ... so much stronger. And so much more determined. Because if I had caved in, it would have just added to my troubles.

Hang in there, you are doing SO well. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Hel x


Well done for not caving Hun :D big hugs

Really do hope the day got better for you :)Stay strong Hun tomorrow is another day x


Hang on in there Jane, youve done so well, dont let that nico devil get the better of you. I know its flippin hard when it gets you like that, and always when your under stress but you can do this! :)


Thank you to each and every one of you, these messages of support from virtually strangers are so genuinely supportive and have really helped.

I wouldn't wish a day like today on my worse enemy, but I have got through it without smoking, it was tough at times, but I feel if I can get through today without smoking I can get through any day.

I only joined this forum to browse, as I thought how can a bunch of people I don't know ever be able to help, but you all have helped, and so tremendously. So thanks again everyone. <3


That's ok Jane as we are here to help each other :)


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