Planning permission

Becky, Molly, Lostie, Greg, Kaz... Et al, wonder if I might make a polite request? If we put up the cash for the bricks, mortar, plaster, timber... Would you mind organising a decent builder to start the extension to your 6+ month room?

From the levels of activity in the day 1 to month 2 rooms right now its sure going to be packed in there come the autumn!

But the good news'll be moving to the spacious penthouse by then! Hurray!

Well done guys, you are our inspiration. :)

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  • Here, Here Hawkeye :D

  • My word Hawkeye....I personally feel moved..... the fantastic offer of stumping up the wonga! :) hehe!

    I only see one small problem....could you imagine us lot trying to agree on a design for the extension? ... It would be like a crisis meeting at NATO!!

    There would be jelly and ice-cream all over the spot!

    As Becky is there now.....she has first dibs on the curtains!

    Actually, I just thought of another I seem to be outnumbered on the male-female front in "my class".....I bet my bottom dollar there would be cushions, throws and rugs in every available space.

    No pool table.

    No second bar.

    No 80" projection TV .... (that's definitely a man thing hehe)

    Having said all that....I still wouldn't want to be in any other place than right there with them :)

    It has been wonderful to see so many new quitters join lately.

    Personally I got a shock as things were starting to get really quiet around these here parts. We practically had the run of the place to ourselves!

    Molly and Kazzy were screaming up and down the corridors on their pedal scooters.....although they still swear it wasn't them that broke the vase!

    Biggrin was perfecting his revolutionary tripe ice cream in the kitchen.

    Lostie was busy counting the pizza's as she's convinced I kept swiping one every time I went past! (I did!)

    Loopy was sucking an inhalator to death! hehe get the idea.

    As you all joined, again from a personal point of view, I felt old. :-)

    I mean, we're just toddlers....but suddenly we were old toddlers with smart short trousers on and new caps ... and everything! :D

    I have always said that everyone should grab hold of someone on here and keep walking, baby steps at first...then getting faster and faster...towards the light.

    It's fantastic to see that happening all over again now.

    That to me is how this site works.....people move along in waves....we make friends that I would hope we could keep in touch with for, if not the rest of our lives, then certainly many years to come.

    This may be one of the hardest things we ever have to do in our lives...but here we do it together....with a smile on our faces. :)

    If it ever gets built Hawkeye we promise to keep the place clean and tidy for you.....I might even slip some of the rugs in to the cupboard under the stairs when no one is know the move.....side steps, looking around .... whistling....nothing to see here!! tum..tumtum..tumtumtum!

    So as you say there's so many heading this way we better make it bigger, in fact if there's anything left maybe you should start work on your rooms...can you imagine how many are going to squeeze in on the 13th March! Eek!

    More the merrier though eh? :-)

    Stay strong, stick together and keep going,

    To borrow sassy mama's sig.....


    Take care


    p.s I couldn't be involved in the planning meetings.....did you notice I have a tendency to go on a bit? :-D

  • Wow, I've never been an inspiration to anyone in my life!

    I'm feeling the pressure now! I can't really add anything to what Greg has said to be fair. If you can go along this road with someone or a few someones then you have more than half the battle won. If you are as lucky as I have been and find people who make you laugh out loud then you are blessed and this quitting lark becomes, not only easier but positively enjoyable!

    The new gang coming through now are fabulous and strong. You are already sticking together brilliantly! You need someone like nonico because your stats are going to be amazing!

    Only one more thing to add really and that is, there is SO going to be a pool table!! I'm planning on earning all my pocket money by taking on all comers and divesting them of their cash!

    Stay strong and get ready to be inspiring come March!

    Loads of best wishes to you all

    Molly x

  • I feel a juke box would be a good idea, dance away the pounds, we have gained :D

  • I feel a juke box would be a good idea, dance away the pounds, we have gained :D

    Well juke boxes and pool tables go together Jane, fancy a game?

  • Yes please Molly, I love a game of pool :D. Oops not yet in your room.

  • Doesn't matter in the least, consider yourself invited, so long as you fetch a pizza with you, Lostie tells me Greg ate the last one again! We really are going to have to rename him Shifty, he certainly "shifts" food lol!

  • Fabulous, will bring the largest pizza I can find, hmm so big it may be difficult to hide from shifty (oops Gregg) I will have to bring a bottle of Jack Daniels too, if alcohol is allowed, as pool, pizza and JD go hand in hand in hand :D

  • Errrrr!!

    I thought drinking was compulsory!! No?




  • Totally with you there Jane. The pizza should keep Greg busy and if it's big enough there might actually be some left for us two and Lostie! Kazzy won't go with pizza at the moment, she's in training!

    Welcome to the 4&5 month room chuck, lovely to have you here. Now are you racking them of shall I? :D

  • Errrrr!!

    I thought drinking was compulsory!! No?




    Of course if is! But you have to remember that it's only been compulsory the last few weeks chuck, don't tease them!

    Jane's ok though, she had Jd! :D

    How you feeling chuck, need a hot toddy?

  • Just stick a slice of lemon in the neck and hand me the bottle chuck :D

  • 'My word, will have to bring a couple of bottles, full of alcoholic's:D in this room' thinks Jane, as she racks up the balls.

  • 'My word, will have to bring a couple of bottles, full of alcoholic's:D in this room' thinks Jane, as she racks up the balls.

    Absolutely! Greg's bottle is for medicinal purposes, he has MAN FLU!!

    He is such a hero even being conscious let alone agreeing to ref our game. Mind you I don't think he even know the rules! Should be fun :D

  • I know I shouldn't be allowed to make requests in this room yet...

    I'm not worthy

    I'm not worthy..

    But........can I suggest a decent t'interweb connection?

    'cos this one I got now is piggin keek!!

    Keep getting cut off, think I'll go boil a lemsip for half an hour...grrrrr

  • Bless you Greg! Are you feeling a tad moody chuck?

  • I think the extension sounds like a bloody good idea!! Can I suggest a mahoosive tv, bar and fluffy cushions in one room, then a gym as the second room - I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs to lose some excess timber!!! I'm happy to shout at people to motivate them.....

  • I need someone to shout at me, will you be like Gillian off biggest loser USA?

    That's what I need, you'll have to drag me away from the pool table though :D

    Molly x

  • I'm not as slim as that yet Max, Kazzy has to shout at me for a bit first.

    Thanks for the goal though :D

    Molly x

  • Haha Mols, give over, I'm happy to shout at you like Jillian, not that I look like her at all, though I wouldn't mind a piece of Bob (even if he is gay)!!

    Maybe I'll run a spin class - any takers??

  • Great idea. Isn't it brilliant to see so many people embarking on this journey and sticking with it? i just love to see everyone moving on with their weeks and loving it.

    I'm all for the decent interweb connection cos mine is worse than useless- soooo slooooooooow.

  • Hi Becky

    Shame about those curtains!

    yagagag :)

    Think I best quit if I know what's good for me, my connection is giving me piles tonight :mad:

    ....It's up and down more times than a whores drawers! :D

  • There is slow Becky-then there is this slow :)


    Haha Jesus Christ!!!

  • Haha Mols, give over, I'm happy to shout at you like Jillian, not that I look like her at all, though I wouldn't mind a piece of Bob (even if he is gay)!!

    Maybe I'll run a spin class - any takers??

    Bob, gay? Gay? Noooooooooooo never!!!!!!

    That is me totally lost now! Lol

    You can tell a mile off can't you?! He is lovely though :)

    Spin class? Count me in! You are my Jillian!

    Molly x

  • He is lovely and I can still appreciate the male form.....yummy!!

    Ok MOVE IT MOVE IT!! Harder, how much do you want this?!

  • Yay, you'll do for me Karen, I think you'd have everyone whimpering "I want this loads Karen"!!!

    We'd all be 4 stone lighter in 2 weeks! :D

    Molly x

  • Now that would be awesome!! We'll start at 6am with some tyre chucking!

  • Ermm... Instead of a pool table...couldn't we just have a pool?? And if anyone does fancy exercise then parallel bars...the alcoholic sort, one at each end of the pool :D

    Also... Guys...Don't download cc32e47.exe, if you succeed in less than a day it'll give your dongle a virus, very painful!

  • OMG


    absolute madness cant wait to see you all in the penthouse



    did make me chuckle reading the posts on this thread

    keep up that positive attitude and zany madness and the time will fly by

    psssst is there any pizza left or has greg ate it all :p

  • Errrr.....

    Not too sure about this image of me being a pizza guzzling eejit!

    Oh well.....if the cap fits!....

    NomNomNomNomNom! :D

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