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Day 62 and planning a civil partnership!!!!!!!!

Hey all.....I haven't posted on here for a while so thought I would check in.

It's day 62 and I can honestly say that I think the worst is behind me (hopefully). I have also cut down drastically (nearly stopped) drinking alcohol which has helped too and now finally the weight is starting to come off!!!

I'm quite pleased with myself at the moment because I am planning a civil partnership with my GF and even though I have become Bridezilla a few times I have not once wanted a that is a very good sign.

So to all of those out there thinking that it never gets better as a non smoker IT DOES....I promise's not easy but it does get better and so worth doing.

Good luck with your quits!

Lots of love.


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Hi Clare really pleased you are doing so well and 6 weeks thats superb, you sound like you are up beat and relaxed with your quit.

Just realised that what I have just typed is a complete contradiction LOL never mind you know what I mean.

Congratulations also on you civil Partnership I hope you will both be very happy for many smoke free years to come



Congratulations x 2!!

Hi Claire,

Well done on getting so far in your quit! Thats brilliant. Great that you are losing weight too.

Also congratulations on your civil partnership, have you got a date set? That is most exciting and something really lovely to focus on while you are quit :)



Wow, well done Clare & congratulations on your forth coming nuptials. When is it? Are we invited???? ;)

Gaynor x


Bridezilla? Hahaha.

My missus is 37 weeks pregnant and we call her Pregnasaurus Rex.

Congrats - and stay strong on whatever stag/hen "celebrations" you go on (not quite sure how stag and hen are decided upon in Civil Partnerships!).



Congratulations on your quit and on planning you big day.


congrats on the no smoking and the upcoming civil service.

glad to hear that you are over the worst of it.

congrats again



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