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Reason...Pre school!


so, Ive had my last ciggy this morning 8am.

Need to stop for various reasons......but the crunch was when I was debating about starting my toddler at Pre school.....I couldn't afford to, then realised how selfish that was. How can I smoke 20 per day (£7.50 per day), and make my son go without playing and making friends etc.....NO contest!

Also, my mother suffered with Emphysema from her early 50's.......bed bound, no life, couldn't eat, needed commode etc etc....died 18 months ago at 67. I can't allow my son to see that happen to me. Heart breaking.

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nonico7 Years Smoke Free


Congratulations iSHA1930 on making such an important decision. Yes, smoking is such an expensive habit now that it does affect a person's lifestyle -if you buy cigarettes then you're missing out on something else.

Also of course, other benefits go beyond money - health is priceless.

All the best:)

You choose right thing. Good luck!

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