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Reasons to be cheerful

It seems to have been quite a ride on the NSD train of late. We have had blips and relapses. Sh*t has happened, and temptation has gone on the rampage.

I think it’s time to balance this out with a spot of positive reflection, so here are my “good bits”.

• I haven’t smoked for 150 days, and I wouldn’t go back to it if you paid me. I can be around other smokers – I’m not repulsed by it, but it simply isn't for me any more.

• The almost-always-lovely Mr T and I have just celebrated 25 years of marriage. And they said it wouldn’t last….. ;)

• My two sons have grown up to be men that I can feel truly proud of – I looked at them last night, and got a little tear in my eye because they make me so happy.

• This year, I have had the chance to renew my contact with some wonderful old friends, and also made some new ones – including some of the virtual kind on here.

• Up until a couple of months ago, the combination of my health, my age and the recession convinced me that I would never work again. This proved not to be true, and I am loving it. It is making me so tired, but ridiculously happy. If you see a middle aged woman grinning like an idiot in a motorway traffic jam – that’s probably me. :D

• This has been a strange and sometimes difficult year for me, but looking back, I think it has changed me for the better. It seems you really are never too old to learn and adapt.

I suppose what I am trying to say, is that even in the difficult times, there is usually some good to be found. Identify your positives and hang on to them when things get a bit shaky. Find your strength wherever you can, and you will make it through those wobbles.

Come on guys. Let’s hang on in there and march into 2012 together, smoke free, and proud of what we have done. We can do it. Of course we can. :cool:

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What a lovely post Mrs T. Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary - and Merry Christmas to you both,



:D Congratulations Mrs T on 25yrs of marriage. Merry Christmas & Happy New year to. :)


Quit: 14.11.11

November quitters group.


A real pleasure to read Mrs T and congrats from me too, thank you. David


Dear Mrs T

That's a wonderfully positive's what I need in this time of trouble!!

Congratulations on a happy successful marriage. 25 years...pretty good going.

Have a very happy Christmas



Lovely post Mrs T, very uplifting and positive:) I'm not feeling quite so positive right now so good to read a post that is - sort of er balances it out:confused: Anyway congratulations on achieving such success in your family life - these are the greatest achievements of all IMO and something you can always be proud of :) Oh and congratulations on your quit of course!!! :D


thankyou mrsT, what an amazing post with so many amazing accomplishments on your behalf (and mrT for some help :) ). hope you have a fantastic xmas and a wonderful new year.

jen x


Thank you all for your good wishes. It has come as a bit of a surprise to me to end the year feeling this positive!

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas, and a wonderful, smoke free new year. :)


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