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No Smoking Day
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Poor hubby

Hey :) on day 7 and can't believe how well I'm doing, really thought I would crack after half an hour:rolleyes: I get the odd cravings but I don't feel the need to have a smoke it's just the routine I need to get used to breaking cos I'm a bit OCD about routine. I had the worst night sleep last night, with aches and sweaty legs :confused: and with my hubby snoring loudly next to me I had to go down stairs before I killed him.

Keep up with the good work everyone :D

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Well done Jemma your there especially in the mind and thats all that lets the evil little :eek: thing win...............keep it up im on day 29 and it gets easier as each day goes by, why did we smoke in the first place? i wouldnt swap this life for anything.

One thing that im amazed by is how much tastier my beer tastes, people who quit are so afraid to go out for a drink because there so so scared how much they will miss the ciggie with there drink. They should think of it this way because believe me it tastes so so much better :D:D:D..............KEEP GOING AND KEEP SMILING


Hi Jemma, well done with the quit so far, you're doing great!

My sleep was incredibly disturbed at first but it started to settle after a couple of weeks, bear with it because it'll soon start to get better. :D


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