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No Smoking Day
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Hubby gone bu-bye!

Hubby is away for business until Sunday night at midnight! I will be here without him and then I may get really really bored...I am staying on the comp to keep me busy. I haven't been left alone for even a night yet as a non-smoker. Hopefully I won't get too bored and have a whoops! I am feeling very confident right now though. 3 sleeps and he will be back. Almost time for bed now so one sleep will soon be down and i will only have two more to go. I keep talking to my dog (mind you this is very normal for me). The dog gets soooo much attention ALWAYS, but even before I was a non-smoker he still got attention ALWAYS...lol!!! It's funny cause he HATES smoke. When I use to light up and he was on the couch, he would get up and go on the floor. I WILL not smoke for the doggies sake if nothing else :D

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Oops - this should be in Month 2! DUH me...sorry!



Sorry your going to be lonely :( Shame about the time difference as it means we will be sleeping most of the time :(

Challenge me anytime we can play together pass the time :D

I am sure the smoking will not be an issue x x

you're doing sooooo well and have come too far to do that!

~Buffy x x


Hi Buffy

The time difference is horrible. You guys are all snoozing away while I am awake. It's okay, I will be just fine you are right. Thank you for the challenge offer to pass some time :D I may have to take you up on that! ;)


Yeah it's more fun with friends :D oooh :eek:

:D I am glad you feel confident about being without hubby ;)

~Buffy x x


Hey NS4M, you're so strong and positive I'm sure you'll be just fine and relaxed ;) Try and see these days like a sweet, much deserved time to dedicate just to yourself, like I don't know, you could turn your house into a small spa and spend hours getting a pedicure, a manicure and just about each and every beauty treatment you can have at home by yourself :p :) Wahtever you choose to do I hope you'll be doing so great that you won't be thinking about ciggies and therefore not hating the time difference too much hun! HUGS.


Hi Francesca,

That's a great idea actually! Thank you hun, I will soak in the tub with a ton of bubbles and give myself a small facial too. I had a pedicure not long ago so my feet look pretty nice already :D It's already 10:16pm so I don't have too much time to pass before I go to bed. I am doing just fine and before I know it...I will be leaving the house to pick him up from the airport. He arrives in Toronto at 12:00am so I will be staying up pretty late on Sunday night. Tomorrow I have the pool company to close our pool for the winter cause it's getting really cold here now and I will do some house work and laundry to keep me busy ;)

As I write you are sleeping nicely tucked in your bed! LOL! When you read this I will be sleeping nicely tucked in my bed soooo it's all fair! Big huge hugs to you too Frances and I will be back to talk to you later for you and tomorrow for me! :cool:



Oh Francesca you are good!!!

I should kick out my Other half send him on some mad conference or such like and indulge for a week or so :D


Whew! Ok a bit tipsy as I indulged in some (ok lots) of wine to celebrate my 2 months being smoke free. I have the hockey game on as my friend and I watch it and who do I see but OHHHHH MY HUBBY LMAO!!! He is in Vancouver at the Hockey Game there While it is on t.v here - Vancouver playing against Edmonton and hubby has such great seats that he was shown on the t.v. lol. The business owner that hubby went to see bought two tickets for him and my hubby to see the game tonight! LOL - wow, hubby on big screen (live) amazing. Anyway - I am off to bed shortly as the wine has made me tired now. :D


Wow!!! How cool is that ?!! :D

I bet you got really excited!! hehe brilliant

Glad you enjoyed the wine ;)


~Buffy x x


I was thrilled to see him on the t.v. :D Very exciting and my eyes must have popped out of my head and my mouth dropped in shock. It was amazing. I called his cell phone to tell him he is now famous ;)

The wine was great. :D

Hugs for you too Buffy!



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