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OMG - sense of smell has come back

After 18 days I awoke this morning and felt a little different. My sense of smell has finally been awoken!

I was sniffing everything, my son can no longer get away with saying his teeth have been brushed (when they haven't), the dog food really stinks, and I realise the person next to me in work, has been a saint, by not telling me I spray too much perfume!!

Oh well, off to work with only a liberal amount of perfume (think I'll save money on the amount of perfume I need to buy :D).

I hope I don't annoy too many people by sniffing new smells all day.

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It's amazing isn't it Jane?

Must have been using way too much perfume or spray too - would give myself a good squirt after every fag so I "didn't smell of smoke" as well so I feel sorry for my family and people i work with!!

It's little things like that that make it feel so good :cool:


And actually heavy perfume layered on top of fag smell is even worse than fag smell alone. These days it makes me want to hurl!

I'm like a bloody alsatian these days, after having had a terrible sense of smell for years. It's a mixed blessing, I find. But my first spring as a non smoker was a revelation. You have much joy to look forward to :)

Keep on keeping on,

Helen xx


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