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Coming back to fight the nicodemon

Hi all,

I am coming back tomorrow to have another go at kicking this horrible nicodemon.

I gave up in sept but then a blip that i thought would be small turned out rather large and i was hooked again.

I have a couple of nicosticks in pocket and that will be it.

Not looking forward to it but think it's just the thought of going without them.

I have plenty of patches and other bits

Think what made the slip turn into a big blip was that I went to Cyprus for 2 weeks and cigs were so cheap i just carried on and then brought a lot home.

Well i will be back in the morning to report on my first day as a non smoker again.

Wish me luck


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Good luck Jane and welcome back.

One day at a time is manageable so just go for that, it will help you get going again.

Lillie xoxoxox


Good luck with your quit Jane



Best of luck....:) Time to kick some butt!!!


You CAN do it :)




Good to see you back.

Your last quit was about the same time as mine and I had been following your journey closely, .... you were going on holiday and so was I in early Oct. You were struggling before the holiday and I was wondering how you were doing while I was away ( I had no internet) ..... I felt disappointed when I came back and discovered that you had "disappeared".

Delighted to see you on here again and very good wishes for tomorrow. :)


Starting to look forward to tomorrow now. I wont have to worry about christmas partys or things like that as I haven't any to go to. I know it's going to be bad days and good days but hopeing for more good than bad.


Oooh Cyprus is responsible for many a setback with the cheap fags! We should ban all hols there for forum members ;)

Be rooting for you tomorrow, welcome back :)


Good luck Jane.



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