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Really struggling today



Well its day 12 today - I have coped really well so far (apart from the odd biscuit binge), have been exercising lots and keeping busy and have even had a couple of nights out and managed not to smoke. But today, grrrrrr, it is really taking all my willpower not to go out and buy cigarettes from the petrol station just down the road. I keep telling myself to persevere, but the little voice in my head is trying to tell me that if I just go and buy them and smoke one then this horrible anxious feeling will go away (even though deep down I know it wont!) :(

Urgh, am tempted to just go to bed and hope that I feel better tomorrow

Sorry for the moan!

Chloe x

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If it takes going to bed Chloe, get yourself there.

One will not make the feelings go away, only make you feel ten times worse.

12 days already, nearly two weeks and you have done fab.

I had a day when the demon just consumed my thoughts constantly and I overcame it by keeping a glass of water with me at all times and each time I got the urge, took a drink of water. Went through about 3 litres mind during the day, but it worked for me.

Feel free to moan and shout and yell, anything that stops you going to the shops.

Thanks :) I actually feel like I want to cry or scream and shout - dont understand why it is so bad today. It scary the power that the demon has isnt it :(

Have just put a face mask on in the hope that it will stop me going out


Hi Chloe:)

Sorry you're finding it really tough on day 12 but it will pass and tomorrow you'll feel so poud for getting through it

If you want to go to bed just go like wise if you want to yell, scream or holler do that as well whatever it takes just don't smoke



Hang in there, Chloe.

12 days! What an accomplishment. We all know how difficult our own quits have been (I'm only half your quit at 6 days).

I know this seems silly but sunflower seeds do wonders for me. I'll have to attend SSA (Sunflower Seeds Anonymous) somewhere down the road, but hey ... :D

Get a good sleep and you'll be proud in the morning.

Kari :)

HIya Chloe. Another couple of hours and it will nearly be tomorrow. How does thirteen days sound after the struggle you've had today, just keep struggling Chloe, it will get better. David

hi chloe hope you okay, into day 13now how good is that, I also felt like this very sad, depressed similar to chrissie has if someone had died. But youre doing well & honestly it does get better like david said.

Just remember that the thought of smoking is much more then doing it.


I also felt like this very sad, depressed similar to chrissie has if someone had died.

Hey Chloe....I too had this feeling about the same time as WILL get over it and it WILL get better...hang in there

Darn, i've been out most of the afternoon/evening, sorry i got in late and after midnight, been fixing my friends pc :(

Chloe, this feeling you got, i had on two or three days in total, it was nearly always something other than the quit/addiction that was bothering me, my problem was that it was stress and normally i was able to deal with that ok, but because i'd quit.. i was dealing with the stress 'along with' the withdrawal.

In the end, i took to deep breaths to calm myself down, and i wrote onto paper any things that were currently bothering me. I found making sense of my feelings on paper, was better than trying to solve things in a mind being mixed up a bit by the addiction withdrawals.

Hope that makes a little sense.. hang in there.. this is one of the classic moments where i wish i could show you how much clearer and easier it does get if you go the distance. That demon u got is trying its best to make you not go that distance.. thats what it does.. drag you down. Just don't let it.. stay strong, get to the next day and see how you feel then. take each and every day as they come.


I also felt like this very sad, depressed similar to chrissie has if someone had died.

Hey Chloe....I too had this feeling about the same time as WILL get over it and it WILL get better...hang in there

keep trudging along

It can be very difficult at time. I get depressed I have lost an old dear friend. The thing is it will get better and better as time goes on until when it does come up it is a fleeting thought and not a strong desire. Just remember how bad quitting sucks so you don't ever let that shi^7 deamon entice you to just have 1 ever again! That is what keeps me going...I really don't want to go through this again. 7 times is enough........I hated smoking so much at the end. It was controling and time wasting and I felt like crap when I was a smoker....mentally and physically! Remember all the horrible things about smoking every time you start to think about it.


week 10? qit 7: quit date June 22nd: married mom to 4 boys 8 and under.

You've done so well

Hi Chloe

There is such excellent advice here there is no way I can offer more or better.

You have done so well to get where you are - it would be heartbreaking to lose track now.

I know the 'sadness' feeling - I am getting that today (Day 5) so I can empathise completely.

Hope today is better for you


Hi Chloe,

I can sympathize with you. I hope your feeling better today. I would say that going to bed is the best thing you can do, it works for me. I find the whole process exhausting and that going to bed makes it all better. For some reason reading your post made me feel stronger so don't waste your 12 days we can do it.

Thank you so much

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for your messages of support. Am feeling a bit better although the cravings still seem stronger than they were last week. Completely determined to stick with it though a lovely friend of mine made me a calming and balancing aromatherary oil that smells like turkish delight (yum!) - have got the bottle open on my desk and it seems to be helping.


Hey Chloe....

I am only on Day 9 but totally understand how you feel, as I have felt like that for most of today! Keep thinking though, that if I give in, will I feel any better in the long run...for 5 mins probably yes, but in the long run, you'll only want another cig, then another, then another, but it won't solve'll just ruin all your hardwork!!!

Chin up.....together we can all do this!! :)

That's the spirit we need !! Good energy that!!

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