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My hair seems to be growing back!!!!!!!

This is something I've mentioned in another post but I felt it deserved a thread of it's own so I can get a little feedback.

I'm 40, female and my hair has been thinning for a fair few years. It's always been "fine and flyaway" as they call it but it was getting to the point where you could see my scalp through my hair and my ponytail was more like a rats tail :(

A few days ago I noticed that my hair looked thicker and I could hardly see my scalp. When I looked more closely I can see new hair growing, it's about half an inch long (and not grey which is a brilliant bonus!)

Am I just incredibly lucky? Has this happened to anyone else? Is it just a weird coincidence or is it one of those well known facts that seem to bypass me lol.

Could smoking have made me go bald if i'd carried on??? I wonder how many people would quit on the spot if they thought their hair would start to grow back! lol

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Amazing that your hair is growing back, I've never heard of this happening (under any circumstances) This is a guess: it may have something to do with improved bloodflow to hair follicles now that you have quit?

Max, hilarious! :D


Always looking on the bright side. . . . .

. . . . If my hair grows back that well Max at least i'll never have to worry about freezing my t*ts off in winter! Lol. Biggrin. . . It could be that or perhaps it due to less stress? It's another fab sideeffect of stopping and i hope it carries on :-)


Hi juju

Maybe you'll maybe wake up one morning to a 3 foot afro!

How awesome would that be? :D

The benefits of quitting are so varied and's like a lottery isn't it?

One that we win every day we stay quit :)

Take care



Smoking has all sorts of odd effects on the body, I believe there is a well established link between smoking and lack lustre, thinner hair, so I don't think it should be a surprise if it improves when you quit.

Just one more reason to stop. :cool:


Always looking on the bright side. . . . .

What a great way to look at it Greg!


Kat, it might be worth a trip to the doc if you've got any other symptoms too. I work with a girl a couple of years younger than me and she was losing a lot of hair, tired all the time and couldn't lose weight no matter what she did....turns out she has thyroid problems - she's on tablets now and her hair stopped falling out after a few weeks.


same for me i quit 3.5 years ago and ive regained some hair on my feet which was completely gone and new facial hair where it had never grown before same with some new places of chest hair


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