No Smoking Day
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My confidence is growing

Although I'm still thinking about smoking way too much and it's getting on my nerves, I am starting to believe that I've actually done it.

I woke up this morning and my first thought was, "I'm a non smoker!"

More than that I'm no longer dependant on nicotine. I can't believe it after all these years of being an addict, at last I'm no longer dependant on nicotine.

I know there will be triggers and times when I miss smoking but this is only because I havn't sorted my head out yet.

I've got to keep telling myself, "You didn't ENJOY smoking, you did it because you were addicted to nicotine and therefore HAD TO DO IT".

The memories of feeling good when I had a ciggie are false and I've got to work hard to undo these false memories.

I'm not exhausted anymore, although I am still looking forward to the day when a whole day goes by and I don't think about smoking even once. I'm looking forward to the day when smoking is a distant memory of something I used to do.

I can do this, You can do this, it is hard but it is possible and it feels great.

How are the rest of you? Hope your all feeling strong. It's a tough journey but probobly the best one we'll ever take. It's the journey to freedom and I feel I can see the light at the end of the very smokey tunnel that I've been in for a very, very long time.

Stay strong


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Well done hunnie you sound very good. I still think of smoking daily but the thinking is diffrent cant really explain how Lol. But im still like you cant wait for it all to be a thing of the past. we must just keep doing what we are doing not smoking and Im sure we will get there.xxxxxxxxx


Hi Hopeful :D

You sound fantastic so different to how you sounded a few days ago

You will think about it for a little while yet and then one day you'll suddenly realise HEY I haven't though about fags today and soon after that it will be days and then weeks when you never give them a thought OK

Yes there may well be triggers to get through but it gets easier and easier from here on in every time time you say no to the demons

Yes those memories of fags helping you feel good were false and never ever forget that


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Man, I am so proud of you!!! You really did commit, didn't you :D You sound great.... some days may be better than others but the thoughts of smoking will fade now more and more..... for most of us it takes a while before that special day comes that you don't think of them at all..... but the day will come :D So proud of you!!!!


I agree re getting on your nerves. I got bored with myself in the end! You really do sound so positive, which is a good way of the battle done. Sort your mind and the rest will follow. Well done you!


Well done hopeful you have done great and should be well proud of yourself. Know what you mean about the thinking about it Ive tried all sorts to get it off my mind but it keeps popping in there. Hope it doesnt last much longer :mad:

Hugs X


how'm i doin?

ok-on 10 mg patch and lots of sugarfree polo-today's my day nine and that is something i'm soooooo glad about-ther's only one way to choose to go now and thats up the mumerical scale of countin days-but.......

my life aint about countin days-this is sumat i been thinkn about for a day or 2-everything's about days past and days to come and tickin off calendars-

we'r on the mend-its great-now i need a method of bustin free from this daycount mentality-i know its still early in th process and i think i'm bein a bit impatient-not for days to pass but for a change in my outlook- i think i needed a gud moan dude so there u are!:confused:

on day nine and my lungs r feeln fine:cool:

its my brain i need to take out and kick round th room:eek:

ps sorry bout all that dude, but i feel better now!


hopeful no more -- YOU ARE DOING IT


hopeful every time i see your name hopeful i become confused as to whether or not you have reached day one..



not hopeful to be able to do it..



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