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End of week 2


So tonight is my last night in week 2 and tomorrow is the start of a fresh new week, well what can I say about this week I've reduced my patch strength and omg that was difficult at first:mad:

encouraged someone at work to join in with my quit so helping him out :)takes my mind off my quit.

my quit partner at work had caved into the cravings but she intends to get back on board after her boozy weekend away :o Just hope she can do it this time.

Quit date 3/1/13

Method: patches/mint humbugs

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Hi Becky

Well done on your quit so far, today I go into week three yipppee, I have quit for 15 days, but after looking at your signature you seem to have quit on 3/01/2013 surely that would put you in week 4:confused:

Whichever it is good luck and keep quitting :)

I get confused as it means I'll be in month 1 for about two weeks but I'll go on my timeline lol, today is 21 days into my quit so that's three weeks I my mind:confused:

Never in a million years, since I was allowed to smoke in the house at the age of 14 my habit became an addiction :( but now I'm breaking free :p

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