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Nearing End of Week 2

I had my last ciggie on Sunday 21st November so I'm just about to go into my 2nd weekend. Week one was surprisingly easy, but I'm struggling a bit now. There's this little voice in my head telling me that I seem to be able to give up easily, so I can just have a ciggie at the weekends and not smoke during the week...and that's ok isn't it? No it ISN'T OK!! That is NOT giving up smoking and I don't want to smoke anymore.

No advice needed - just thought I'd air it in case anyone else is thinking along the same lines.....

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Hi LesleyB - don't we all feel the same thing - yes we do!!!!:) One of the long term quit people has the motto Not One Puff Ever NOPE (sorry long term quitter, can't remember your name to give you credit) and that helped me with the same problem. I know you don't want advice so won't give you any but there is a group of us who quit in November and are all going through the same stuff. You would be welcome. Stay strong and smokefree - it is worth it. Ange


Hi Lesley, oh that so familiar feeling of doing so well and being utterly and totally convinced that I can indeed just be a social smoker, wouldn't that be fantastic. Well, on thinking about it now, I would most definitely say no, I wouldn't want to be any sort of smoker, but in the beginning, I lost two quits because I thought I could. You know it's just a trick, we don't need to lecture you about that. Keep yourself busy, keep your mind occupied and keep reminding yourself of all those reasons why it is good not to smoke, balanced against the reasons that it might be good to smoke, there's not much of an argument to be had. Keep reminding yourself how fab you smell, go on, have a really good sniff. Use nice soap, spray, creams etc. and notice how good it smells, cos that is what other people are smelling now, quite a contrast to a fortnight ago eh?

You're almost two weeks quit, how fantastic is that, don't lose that feeling of achievement, cos you have achieved tonnes and should be really proud.

Keep at it, one day at a time, and don't look back.




I made it through the weekend - can't say it was easy, but your comment about how GOOD I smell made me laugh! You're right - I DO smell good!



Lesley - this is always the thought that gets you back smoking "I've given up no bother - I'll just have the one".

It's got me on my last two quits - both of which were over 6 months long. This time round I'm having a really hard time, so maybe it's better this way - I won't think it's easy next time!

I've come to the conclusion it's all about concentration. If you lose it for a night - that's it - your quit might as well be over. The first time you do it, you can just have one on a Saturday night. Then a couple of weeks later it's one on Friday night, two on Saturday. Then the next weekend you have one on Sunday night too.

Before you know it, you're back on them full time. It's a slow, gradual slip back into old habits. Learn from other people's mistakes! :)


Munter - I like the Bigger Better Faster Stronger quit:D


Hi Lesley

I am not that far infront of you, so I remember how easy week 1 was and how week 2 caught up with me.

It was a series of ups and downs - you may find it helpful to read my posts from around that time. From memory I wanted to stab or run over a smoker and steal his fags!!

The good news is is does get easier again, although I must agree with munter, that nicodemon will sneak up on you when you least expect it!!!

Anyhow good luck and keep up the good work


Isnt it funny how strong the smell of smoke is after you have given up. I can smell a smoker now from about 10 metres away. Good to see you made it through the weekend and are smelling good as well LOL:)


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