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On the brink of day 21!!!

I can hardly believe it... I'm minutes away from day 21 of my quit!!

I've tried before and failed miserably, I don't think I ever managed 1 day without a cig but I kidded myself that I'd stopped cos I only had half a cig in the morning until my patch kicked in!!! What a pillock! lol

This time is about as different as you can get.... I've approached it all differently and the outcome has been amazing!

I almost feel like I've never been a smoker and I have as much desire to light a fag as I do to eat a bacon butty.... I should probably point out that I've been vegetarian for 36 years and can't stand the smell of bacon, so you can see where I'm coming from with that statement lol.

If quitting remains this easy then I've got it cracked!!!

Keep going everyone, the rewards are gonna be amazing!!

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Absolutely Max!!!

I just feel awful having it so easy when so many others are struggling and suffering. Wouldn't it be great if we could make it this easy for everyone! :D


The getting your head right is so important, I think.Once you have that sussed it's more than half the battle.Then you just wonder what on earth you were thinking. I just have to do the same with the food lark now:D


I think everyone wanting to quit should be given a copy of Allen Carrs book. I started to read it 3 or 4 times before I finally finished it and it really did feel like being released from a cold dark miserable prison.

Becky... He also wrote on about weight loss - I might buy that next and see if it works miracles too! (I can't keep blaming my weight on having kids - they are 9 and 12 now!!!) lol


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