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Good morning day 21!!


Where have the days gone? Can't believe there have been 21 of them since I quit.

Things are getting easier and I am amazed how much healthier I feel.

Not posted for a while, if I'm having a bad day I find it hard to come on here and read/write about smoking, it makes me want to smoke more (just my opinion).

How are the other Stoptobers?

Last post for week 3 :)


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Hi Rustler :)

Day 21 for my too, and it appears to get easier each day as far as I'm concerned.

Full of cold at the moment, so feel as though I still smoke as I'm coughing and spluttering like a bad one. Prior to the cold I was feeling loads better.

Bloke got on my bus last night after finishing a fag and I had to move as the smell was disgusting. I can't believe I must have smelt like that for 22 years...

Good luck


Hi Rustler, well done on 3 weeks that's brilliant. :)

I think you're both amazing :D

Malvin, hope your cold soon goes away. I don't think I know anyone (myself included) who hasn't had it. One thing- I'll bet you'll find that colds don't linger the way they used to do prior to your quit :)

Rustler, may your 'cravey' days become fewer and further between. They really will (as you know) and the good days will soon outweigh the bad ones. :)

Congratulations to you both say I!

Thanks Skiddaw, we're all amazing on here say I :)

You're right, I'm not coughing like I was earlier.

Thanks again for your kind words and support - this place is brilliant to pop on to when your mind wanders on to cigs.

Eh up Rustler sauce and Mal! Your three weeks have whizzed by haven't they! Keep it going and definitely treats in store when your a full month :) x

Congrats Lewis, I am so flippin proud of you!!!! :D

I'm proud of all of you and I hope you're all suitably proud of yourselves too. :D

Saucisse, your trip to Blighty sounds very exciting and as Tea says, I'm sure your family will be over the moon when they know you've quit. :)

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