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My expierence so far on Tabex

First of all my name is Tel and after 20 years of smokeing i've decided to quit , my story may be a bit unusual in the sense that ive never actually smoked a cigarette on its own before but only when i smoked pot. Last year i quit for 4 months but felt something was missing and fell back into it around xmas time and instantly felt better , all those feelings went with the first joint and i felt normal again so i thought whats the point , then i looked at the effect it was haveing on my family ie kids , my partner. I decided then i have to do something about it.

I work full-time and have never been out of work , the strange thing is i can go to work all day and im fine but the problem was when i got home at night i would have a j almost right away then i would be back in the old routine again , lying on the couch to stoned to do anything and i mean anything till it was time to go to bed. This is no way to live , ive tried patches gum etc but always went back to the old ways very quickly.

I have heard about champex not long ago and decided to look into it and after a lot of reading i decided that was not for me as there was way to many side affects so i stumbled across Tabex which had very little side affects so that weekend i ordered up a box, it arrived Tuesday and i was a little skeptical at first as it was from abroad and not this country but i thought i have to give it a go.

First day consisted of 6 tablets every 2 hrs , so i followed the guide and decided to test it that night when i got home from work that night , i made a j as usual and before i knew it i made a 2nd one ,they had no effect on me whatsoever so just to make sure i made another but nothing , i thought this actually works so now im on day 5 now , ive had no side affects at all , ive been able to sleep as normal , maybe some weird dreams but thats it , ive eaten as normal , i dont have any urges at all and most of all i feel better as a person again , i have motivation back again.

I know Tabex will be different for everybody but im so glad i took the plunge and did it , im amazed how quick it worked for me and still i dont think about lighting up. I have about 16 days left of the course but im very confident now that i can do it,as ive wrote cannabis doesnt do nothing for me at all now so it stops me buying it which for me is a success in it self as before i only had to smell it to want it.

Anyway i felt the need to share this with everyone and to let them know there is hope and if i can stop anyone can. Best of all it cost me £20 .

Thanks for reading


Ok i think this post maybe should be in day 5 so if possible could you move it there , many thanks

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hello Tel,

I too have been smoking weed for about 20 years and decided to quit about 4 weeks ago and have not had a j since my situation sounds exactly the same as yours as i have a steady job and only smoked in the evenings after work. I haven't found it that difficult to stop the weed but i do smoke normal cigerettes during the day which i am about to give up on Monday and have also purchased tabex to help me. I am a little sceptical about the tabex as i bought them online from did you get your from there ??

the only withdrawal i had from the weed was a few hot and cold flushes and my dreams are out of this world

hope you are still not smoking


Hi Tel, I read your post and wanted to know about your smoking weed. I'm a cigarette smoker and a weed smoker. I'm not a "typical stoner" as I am still very active while high and don't just sit around after smoking a fatty, I don't want to stop smoking weed because like you I also work everyday, not worried about a joint during the day but once I'm home, I also want to smoke a j, anyway I saw on your post that you said you smoked 3 j the first night after starting Tabex and it did nothing to you, I'm guessing you didn't get high. That is the "problem" I find is because I don't wanna stop smoking weed but definitely wanna stop weed. So my question is wouldn't I get high if I start the course on tabex?



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