No Smoking Day
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Day 12...Work time again yikes!!!

Yeah I feel a bit agitated tonight for some reason, its snowing quite hard here now, and I dont want to be trapped in a bloody pub lol...Today has been fine...not many cravings to be fair...3 kit kat chunks consumed today, on Day 4 I think I ate EIGHT hahaha...not very healthy I know but they have helped me through this....roll on Day 13 I say...

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You're doing brilliantly Bossdean, don't worry about the chunky kitkats, anything that keeps you quit is cool.

Good luck for work tonight. I'm sure you'll be fine chuck. Couple of times in and it'll be sorted.

Please let us know how it went.

Stay strong

Molly x


Your doing fab! Keep it up! I've not had a great day either but will get through it! Managed to twist my brothers arm to pick up a kit kat chunky for me!! :)


well done bossdean

Great to see u still here, and still going strong!

And oh you have sooo put me in the mood for a kit kat chunky!!!!



Good luck with work and keep going!! Crazy to think but two more days and we can say its been two weeks and we are on week three!! Wowser!!



Keep going BD

You're doing great :)

I say if the kit kat's are helping....bring 'em on :)

Do a mail order delivery mate....get a van load!

Take care



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