No Smoking Day
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challenge time on day 12 for me

today had a fine sleep...ps3 all was all good until my mae came over tonight and said did i want to go around his (little did i know i was in for a shock)

he said lets have some beers blah blah etc, so we did

(now for all of you usaully i'd smoke like a chimney when on loads of alchol so this is a test to see if i give in and have a cigi or not) and i was fine, was on beer no. 3 and usaully i would of had 5 cigs (about 45minz) but i wasnt budging, but still had some craves

so thats the big test out the way, hoping theres no more on the way;)

tune in for day 13's story

hope you are enjoying them:D

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Staring temptation right in the eyes is sometimes a good thing, i've done it a few times in weeks gone by. My view on it is.. you're gonna get plenty of times when you go out for drinks later, and if you can handle it now, later is easier.

You just got to always keep this hard wall up against the temptation whether its now.. or in say 11 months time.. the risky time believe it or not is once you get further down the line, many months on.. just remember 1 leads to many, and there is never just 1.. so always just politely say no to folk.


Hi Geoff :D

Well done you day 12 and a huge test for you which you passed with flying colours Big Hug

You got through it and it won't be as hard or as dounting next time you have a drink

Every time you face one of these tests it gets a little easier for you and you also gain in strength as well


Marg xxx


Hi Geoff!

That's good going - but heed Jase's warning, it will sneek up on you when you least expect it! :D


hope you are enjoying them:D

I am are doing just great....keep it up;)


thanks for all the support everyone:D


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