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yikes... sleep a problem... on day 3


Hi.. I am a product of alan carrs easyway..which i found very good at setting my mind firm to free myself from nicotine addiction... a 30 a day or more addict for 15 years.

The withdrawl symptoms are probably more scary in thought than in reality...i.e. they make you anxious, rather than actually being painful or causing much discomfort...BUT...i havent slept properly for two nights now... waking up every couple of hours whilst in bed... so this has got me down... its not putting me off...and i just keep in mind that if I had a ciggie it wouldnt stop the feelings it would encourage them to get worse...and cost me £40,000...

Maybe...just a word..can someone tell me when the sleeplessness will go away....thats the worst of it at the moment for me.

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your body is going through massive changes so its inevitable that its going to affect you in some way or another

iv been feeling absoutely exhausted in the day and then finding it hard to drop off at nights making it worse, then having nasty dreams that wake me up. but i do beleive, in fact i KNOW, it will get better ansd that this is just a process.

do you do any exercise? or would you perhaps consider starting if not? i always find some exercise in the early evening (not too late) can help a huge amount with sleep and obviously its good for you too :)

stick with it! x


Yes..i do some exercise...i think i may up it a bit for a couple of days until the poison has finally left my system... hopefully my body will retrun to normal in a day or two.... ive had worse colds i guess.. and lived... so will carry on...exercise maybe the answer to dropping off more soundly i will give it a go.

Sleeplessness is perfectly normal during the early stages - but normally passes by the end of week 2.

Try not to use too many other stimulants (ex smokers, need half as much caffiene for the same effect as smokers for instance) and take excercise to minimise the problems. But it will pass, and is another symptom that you are on your way to being much healthier as your body purges all the nastiness from your system :)

austinlegro11 Years Smoke Free

Maybe...just a word..can someone tell me when the sleeplessness will go away....thats the worst of it at the moment for me.

I was completely spaced out for the first couple of weeks and that was without any chemical assistance. I increased my water content, decreased my coffee consumption but still continually felt someone else was driving my body for me…

I used to wake up, bolt upright at 3.00 in the morning for no reason.

Whether you blame increase in oxygen levels or the depleting nicotine I don’t know.

Just accept it as part of the healing process and be advised that it does pass after a week or two… :)


wow, thanks folks for the advice, nice to know im not alone with the sleep problems, its quit day 12 for me and for the last week i too have had no probs getting to sleep but wake up at 4am and then cant get back to sleep for a few hours, most unusual for me, but nice to know it will pass, i do a lot of outdoors stuff so it isnt through lack of ex:)ercise...........

Yip, what they all said. I got the sleeplessness for a couple of weeks too, which was a tad painful since i usually smoked myself dizzy in the wee hours if i couldn't sleep. It passes. Just watch rubbish tv or so some washing or something.

Keep up the good work with your quit :):)

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