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Day 4- better than yesterday

Hi all. Today is day 4 of a new smoke free me! Found today ALOT easier than the last 3 lol. Cravings are still there but more managble. Actually stood near smokers today and sucked a lolly instead. Very chuffed :) I have found that my music on my MP3 player has proved a success for those evil cravings! I hope that everybody else who is on day 4 are coping well too and also being proud of yourselves. Well done everybody no matter how many days in :) whoop whoop to us!! :D

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wow you are doing so well...4 days is a massive milestone although you may not think it now....nicotine now is just about out of your system, the hardest part of Cold Turkey is just about done....keep visiting these pages the support you will have from everyone is awe inspiring....keep it up...


hi mummy

Oh well done getting to day 4! The first few days are tricky! Day 3 in particular! So well done and best of luck with your quit! You can do this!!!! I'm day 17 and cruising :-) well, I'm at the bit I find a bit difficult - the weekend - hence I'm here lol but keep reading and posting, I was going to say keep yourself occupied but with young kids I'm sure that goes without saying!

All the best x x x


Keep it up you CAN do it! A load of us are on day 12 cold turkey and still alive :) you are actually through the hardest most intense days craving wise so massive well done! Now it's all about believing in yourself and believing you WANT to do this which I know you do

It will get easier and easier and despite not being a forum type person I have found this place invaluable everyone is great and I know you will too!



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