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New member - 17 days into quitting :-)

Hi all,

Just found the forum and thought I'd better say hi :)

It seems like a well organised, useful and friendly place and I've already had a few questions answered while I've been having a nosey round.

I quit on Jan 1st after reading Allen Carr's stop smoking book and I can't sing it's praises highly enough! I'm not missing smoking one little bit, I've had no serious cravings (just fleeting thoughts), I've not been a bad-tempered-grumpy-bitch, I've been way calmer than I've been in 25 years and I'm not tempted to start again :-)

I've tried to stop a few times in the past with help from the Doctor/patches/e-cigs/gum but I never really got out of the starting blocks because I couldn't get over the fear of not having a cig nearby "just in case I needed one".... I no longer have that fear and I finally feel free from my addiction and back in control of my life :D

Life's great and keeps getting better every day!

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Hi Max, thanks for the reply and keep up the good work :-)

Don't think I'd have ever done it without that book and I still can't believe that it has been so easy after I struggled so much in the past to even go 1 full day without a sneaky fag.

I never reckoned on the sense of pride and the self confidence that I've found since quitting. People are very keen to tell you about the physical benefits but why did nobody ever mention the mental/emotional benefits?!

Stopping smoking is the biggest high I've ever had and I wish I could pass this feeling to all my smoking friends/family so they could see how great it feels to quit too. :D


Hi Juju,

I absolutely love your opening post. You sound so very positive, you just can't fail at this quit with an attitude like that!

Welcome to the party, its so much fun!!

Molly x


Hey is all mind over matter at this stage......I am on day 19 and feeling great......this forum helps keep the mind focused......

See you around.....:cool:


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