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No Smoking Day
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New member - Day 9

Hi all, I have been reading these forums and found them a good support over the past couple of weeks and then questioned why I don't join in.

So just to say hello and introduce myself, I am a 26 yr old guy who has smoked since I was 17 starting uni. Work as a doctor and finally decided last Friday night enough was enough.

Started thinking I could go cold turkey Sat/Sun but by the time the stress of work came along on the Monday, I needed some help. Have been using patches since with the odd puff on an inhalator when the cravings get too much particularly when I am driving to work and things seem to be going well.

Knew Friday just gone was going to be a challenge as was going out with collegues drinking on the town, and had almost resigned myself to the fact I would have caved - but I didn't!

So here I am, day 9, and feeling good as a result!

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Hi Theweakestlink (could you not have chosen a shorter name!! :D)

Welcome to the forum and really well done on your quit!


Hi Theweakestlink1984...*sigh*...Doc :)

Welcome to the Forum. As you've been reading the posts you'll already be aware that whatever your starter quit is you're welcome. But to add to the initial impetus read, read, read and educate yourself into a better understanding of what is happening both physically and psychologically in your journey to smoke freedom.

I feel slightly patronising telling a doctor that but then if you knew it all you wouldn't have started and more to the point you'd have stopped much earlier. So, visit links in sigs, check out previous posts on this Forum.

Oh, congrats on day 9 :)

Now then, about this wee cough.... :rolleyes:


Thanks all. I am a medical doc, and despite me sitting telling everyone else to cut the fags out, I had no idea where to start myself hence putting it off for so long - there is always tomorrow, and have been buying them in 10s for about the past 2 years saying each pack is my last!


I'm sure you will be fine with it if you are managing to keep your asthma under control whilst smoking cigarettes. The vaporized nicotine is absorbed through the mucus membranes of the mouth anyway :)


Hi TWL... quite handy having a doc on board, although we promise not to harrass you with medical questions all the time :D

You're doing great to get to day nine. It's all about the psychological battle now, although as most of us here have discovered, the brain is capable of making it feel physiological. It gets better and better the longer you stick with the quit, though.

It must have been difficult smoking when you were in the medical profession; loads more associated guilt and most probably censure. But on the plus side, it will make you far more understanding of your patients who find it so difficult to quit, huh?

Stay strong, and stick around on the forum, it makes a hell of a difference to have a support network.

All the best!



Thanks Helen, I am trying to be 'textbook' about it and the thing I was missing was the support network so here I am! I certainly do know what all of my patients are/were going through.

As for smoking in the medical profession - it actually wasn't really an issue, many doctors/nurses are smokers. I suppose though I may have had a headstart when it comes to stopping as I never liked to smell of cigarettes in work so I'd really only smoke 1 prior to going to work and then go all the way until 5 without having another, then I would smoke 7 - 10 over the evening to relax. The main thing I am having to get over is having that fag at 5pm I looked forward to all day. I just have to get in the car and keep myself busy til I get home! Then obviously ignore the other 1/2 who is still smoking when they get up for a cigarette.


I know I shouldn't ask but I really would like a medical opinion. Is it ok to use the inhalator with asthma?


You naughty, naughty girl LOL :D Fancy asking the nice, young man for doctoring advice :D But, whilst your here......about my COPD ROFL :D

Now to the proper stuff. :)You have got to 9 days which is absolutely fantastic. By now, it is the habit of smoking which is the worst thing. The thing to try to do now is, keep yourself occupied in order that the thought of smoking does not take a hold in your mind. This l know, is easier said than done, but try not to put yourself in a situation where you are either at a loose end, or with others that are smoking. If you are with other smokers, just think of the benefits of not having to go outdoors in the cold to satisfy a craving. When you feel a craving coming on, if possible, come back on here, and someone will be around to support you.

Josie XXX



Josie XXX


Welcome and congrats on day 9 :D


Wellcome, all all the best with your quit.

Joan xx


Hi TWL and welcome to the forum, one bit of advice I will give you is don’t listen to a word your Doc tells you as he will say that after 48 hours all the nicotine will have left your body and you will feel great

No seriously you are doing great and if you can get through a full day on a regular basis without a cig then it want be long before you will be smoke free and comfortable with it all the time.

Strange but it seems that many Docs smoke when you would think knowing what they know they would kick the habit the second they see a set of smoke damaged lungs.

Sorry you didn’t want to hear that did you but a serious piece of advice would be don’t ever smoke again and keep yourself hydrated, there is a link to a site about water in my thread it helped me a lot, and this forum is brilliant for sustaining your quit.



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