No Smoking Day
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Day 1- New member.

Hello everyone.

I'm new here and have searched a few threads before posting and was a bit hesitant to post here as I've seen a few negative threads on e-cigarettes.

I was smoking 30+ cigarettes a day for the last 18 years or so and had tried the patches (itchy arms, terrifying nightmares) and cold turkey (mental mood swings) and never really stuck to it.

I am not here to promote or recommend e-cigarettes or endorse any brands etc. My friend had one and let me have a go and I thought it was OK.

I am now actually on day 3 and although its not easy I am finding it the most comfortable time yet.

I am on low dosage cartridges which are supposed to be the equivalent to 20 cigarettes and on day 3 I am still on the first one.

My habits have changed dramatically- I told myself I would have to break all habits to try and break that cycle. I no longer 'smoke' in the bath (embarrassing that I did in the first place), I no longer take it on the school run and leave it at home when I go out and will only use it in the garden (I used to smoke indoors :( )

But its there as my 'fall back'- I have told myself I can have that nicotine hit if I want it- but just knowing its there is enough to put me on until the next craving.

I just feel very proud of myself, I WILL stop and how I get there shouldn't matter. This is the first time I have ever thought 'I can truly do this' and that can only be a good thing.

Hope to get to know you all better as my journey progresses :) xxx

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Welcome Kat!

I think that you will find that the vast majority of peeps on this site don't give two hoots as to what method you are using to rid yourself of the dreaded weed. If it works for you then you go for it!

Come in, make yourself comfortable and have a good look around. There is so much fantastic advice and information on this site - there is absolutely no way I would have got to where I am now without it. :)


Welcome Onboard

Hi Kat

Welcome onboard. Like Pappy says, the main thing is that you have made your mind up that you're done with smoking so just use whatever methods you find helpful until you feel more conifident and adjust to your new smokefree way of life.

It is a bit of a learning curve (I think I'm on day 9?) so just take it one day at a time for now until you get the hang of it. There will be ups and downs, as I know all too well, but it is such a good feeling when you realise that you can ride your way through those nasty cravings when they crop up unexpectedly - don't let them win!

Just keep reminding yourself of the benefits of quitting and that it's YOUR decision not to be a slave to nicotine any more.

Good luck



Thanks for the welcomes :)

I've had one 'puff' on the e-cig thing today but have found myself on a washing frenzy- curtains, cushion covers, bedding..anything that can be washed.

I can't believe I can still smell shampoo on my hair- its all the little things. I can already take a full breath in without it starting off a coughing fit.

Well done on day 9, I can't wait until I'm there :) xx


Hiya Kat & welcome to the forum :) Do whatever it takes as long as it's not smoking, you can gradually get off the e-cig so in a few weeks there will be no nicotine in your body...

Keep going, the first week is the hardest but it soon gets easier :)

Denise x


Ooooh Kat yes....the smell of shampoo on my hair is one of my favourite things about not smoking. That and the body butter I treat myself too not long after stopping. I'm forever smelling my arms at work. We must've stank before heh heh.

Pappy is right Kat. Peeps on here just want to help other peeps on here to stop smoking. Whatever it takes for you is the right way for you. You've tried other ways and they havent worked. This is working so no wonder you're running round washing things all excited. That makes me excited too Kat. Bring on day 4 :)


Welcome to the forum Kat! As everyone has said it doesn't matter how you get there as long as you end up a non smoker! Best wishes to you and enjoy melling nice, I too love that you can smell your shampoo all day long.:)


KatMor your on your way!

We all had to start SOMEWHERE...and its all 1 day at a time! We all are here to support you ...I just went past 6 months!...I feel great..and you will TOO! ;)


Like they all said, does n't matter how you do it, as long as you do do it.

I toyed with idea of e-cigs before just going for it Cold Turkey. Tried CT before with little success, but this time its worked, so far (not getting complacent). I think this time I was really ready to quit, and thats actually the real key to it, so much as the method employed.

Anyway best of luck in what will be the best decision you ever make.


Thank You everyone,

I actually think the e-cig thing just eased me into it, its still early days (day 4) but yesterday I had a couple of drags on it the whole day. Never realised until my son mentioned I hadn't had it then I kept thinking about it, and told myself the nicotine hit was there if I needed it and I managed to not bother having any. Wooo.

Got a belter of a headache today but actually feel reassured at how pants I am feeling physically as I am convincing myself its my body detoxing. Mentally I am feeling so strong.

I think you're right when you say its just knowing when you're ready.

Thanks again & well done to everyone for getting where you are today.

*does a L'Oreal swish* haha


Hi kat

Welcome to the mad house lol... Do anything to help u give up smoking.. I think the e cig is the only thing iv not used.. But would have tryed it of it was on the NHS lol.. Anything better than smoking.. With out any form ov NRT I dont think I would ov made it this long. I'm off all forms of NRT now but still have sum chewing gums just incase..

Anyway well done for quitting if u need anything post up on here as someone will help u out :D


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