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Bit flat today!

Not sure if its after the hysteria of reaching double figures but feel really flat today. Can't believe it's only day eleven I feel like I have been a non smoker for about a month!?

Don't get me wrong still no regrets although I had a brief 'maybe I will start again after a month' thought this morning. Have put on a shed load of weight with all the extra food but know I can get rid of it. I don't know what's going on really just feel a bit bleurgh not even at two weeks and this is forever!?

Don't worry no plans to quit quitting just thought I would have a moan!! Sorry!


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Don't worry too much about feeling out of sorts, TVH. There were times during the first few weeks when I felt very strange indeed, but that's all settled down now and I'm back to normal. This weirdness, too, will pass.


I can agree with you this evening....I've not had a great time since I got home from work! I've had a sore hip all day (feel like an old wifey!!!!) and I just want that one fag to take my mind off the pain! I am defo not going to do it but it keeps going through my mind!

We will get there together TVH, we are strong!!

Babs x


It's weird how we go through these cycles of coping...just...convinced we'll never smoke again...then gasping for a smoke then urgh it disgusts me...then coping....just!

As long as you ride the waves, the tide will go out!


Thanks Biggrin it's so good to know you have been through it AND come out the other side!!

Oh Babs sorry to hear its not great for you either :( I don't know about you but I am over the irritation/anger bit and now it's all just bleurgh!! I am with you twice this eve I have nearly popped to the shop 'just for one' not that I even really crave it, just because (and this is tragic) I feel like I deserve it!? So just ate my body weight in crisps and having a glass of vino instead!

But seriously surely it's been a month by now haha!!

We can do it! I know we can. Hope it's not too selfish to say it really helps that I am not the only one feeling this way!



I am eating like a horse...craving badly today...I am having a drink as well tonight yikes...missis has gone to bed because I am moaning too much hahaha..cant bloody win....well I can win cos I havent a fag nor do I intend to,...what us non smokers have to put up with jeesh....


Hi TVH sorry you have been feeling a little flat today , I have been wondering where my early days euphoria has gone but you must not lose sight of how well you have done and as I hear others say it must get easier day by day.

Had a little light at the end of the tunnel about an hour ago at a friends house at a small gathering for her birthday when they all went outside for a smoke. They were all expecting me to join them but then to my largest audience so far I could say ...' Oh I don't smoke any more '.

It was a proud moment and I enjoyed staying in the warm kitchen for once with all of the other non smokers ...and stil smelling nice !!:D

Dige deep and keep going !

Hi to Babs , Stupot and Biggrin hope you are all feeling good in your quits today and hope Babs hip is on the mend

Donna - day 9 :)


belated Hi to Max and Bossdean !! , I'm dead slow at typing your'e posts were in before I'd finished mine :D



Thanks everyone all the encouragement really helps! Sounds like its a pretty bad day all round apart from a few massive breakthroughs such as you Nonny not going out with everyone!! Was so much harder to stay inside MASSIVE WELL DONE to you and your will power!!

Tomorrow will be easier for everyone I am sure. Must stop ruddy eating tho if there is anything that will get me smoking again its my ever expanding waistline

Thanks again everyone very few people knew I smoked (and 20 a day at that!) so don't have many people to encourage me as they all think I am a non smoker weird but true so you lot really really help



TVH do not worry about expanding waistlines .. thats what jogging bottoms or PJ's are for .. only in the house though of course :D

I'm definitley feeling tubbier though , but hoping that I can pay proper attention to that in a few weeks time when I am not thinking about the smoking lark as much.

happy posting

Donna :)


TVH I'm with you. I feel blue today...feel proud of how far I've come in 11 days but almost a bit like 'this is it'? I also felt like the walk home from the station was some sort of smoking festival- everyone was bloody at it! As well as having cravings today I guess it's also made me feel somehow 'left out' or like I'm missing out... Stupid I know and logically I know I'm the one who is gaining from this...just can't help feeling a bit blah...

Just keep thinking we are nearly at two weeks. And that is amazing:)



I think what you may be coming to is a small lull in the proceedings. The excitement and the rush of the quit drops away and it can be a struggle to stay inspired.

Try to keep your memory green as to why you quit.

I wanted it all over and done in about 5 days! DOH!

Took me about a month to realise it doesn't work like that :)

The great news is it is such a small length of time, in the grand scheme of things, and when you come through it.......gordon bennett you will be even stronger. :)

It's heartening to see you all encouraging each other, it really does make a difference :)

Keep going peeps,

Just round the next bend..

Take care



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