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No Smoking Day
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Day 3 - only just begun

Hi all. This is the first time I have written something like this. I have been following the stories of others before my quit date. I quit on Tuesday the 15th and feeling very proud of myself :) I am still craving and especially when people are smoking as I walk past them, just want to pounce on them lol. But I've come this far and need to carry on to not only make me feel better but also my daughter :) my kids need me more :) anyhow me rambling on good luck and stand proud for all the others who are in the process, chin up :)

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All the best.

Hi Mummy_mcfedries

congratulations on making the best decision of your life to quit. You are certainly doing the right thing by reading the stories on this forum; that is a great source of assistance.

After 3 days the physical changes in the body have occurred so you're already well on the way to successfully quitting.:)


Support appreciated

Thank for your support guys. It really does help when other people are doing the same things and can appreciate how we feel. Today has been more difficult than anticipated, more stressed and short tempered than usual. I just can't stop thinking about either taking a drag or nipping out quickly in the garden etc, unsure what to do with my hands etc. they say that after 3 days it "should" get easier. I hope so and this is awfully difficult! But hopefully worth it in the end!! How is everybody else managing to keep their hands and mind busy? Any suggestions would be great. xXx


Hi mm the first few days are really tough, what you're experiencing is completely normal. I was off work the week I quit and pretty much camped in my house, didn't go anywhere, ate loads, watched crap tv and just rode it out - was one of the hardest and longest weeks of my life but I did come out the other end!! It does get easier as time passes, you can do this xx


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