Day 3 just gets better

A friend popped into the studio today and as we had no customers in I sat outside in the sunshine with her having a coffee. She smoked and I was determined that I wouldn't. I found that once I had told myself that I wouldn't, it just didn't bother me.

I feel amazing today and not even slightly tempted to have one and havn't hardly even thought about fags for the whole day. Only had 2 pcs of 2mg gum aswell. (I did have to use the crusty one from the bottom of my bag)

Whoop de doop!!!!!!!!!! Think I've finally got the hang of this.


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  • Well done to you hunnie. Your doing fab day three almost over. You go girl.xxxxx

  • Hi Hopeful you did brilliant. Did your crusty chewing gum taste yulk lol. Nearly on to day 4 ;)

  • Hi Hopeful :D

    Great that you hardly thought about fags all day on day 3 and with only 2 bits of gum and one of them a crusty one Just hang on in there OK


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Really positive that you got through that time with your friend and just told yourself that you didn't want one - and think of the strength that will give you for the furure.:)

    3 days almost done is excellent stuff. Keep going, keep strong.


  • Hi Hopefull, wow you did real well to sit with a smoker during day 3!! i think i would have made excuses and left or sat there thinking things i didn't want to think.

    Well done and keep it up.

    Nikki xx

  • Nice one keep it up ;)

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