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Day 16 - Insomnia

I am still here and going strong with 15 full days under my belt. I doing good for the most part but I have a wicked case of insomnia. The evening seems to be my biggest trigger time. I was in the habit of relaxing and puffing away in the evenings. Now when the end of the day nears I start to get the stronger cravings. Then when bed time comes about I am wired and twitchy. I have some muscle relaxers left over from when I pulled a muscle in my back and I had remembered how sleepy they made me. So I took one in the hopes of fitting one good night sleep in for the week. However, it did nothing in the way of helping me sleep. lol. I remember taking those and being so sleepy. This time I didn't even notice any side effects. So that was a bit of a disappointment.

Question for you:

Fellow insomniacs, does it get better as the quit moves along? Are there any tricks to help with it?

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Hi River

Hi River Song,

So sorry to hear you are struggling to sleep.

I can't remember if you are on patches or CT. If you are on patches, then you might be on a stronger patch than you need?

If you have gone CT, then in theory insomnia and any other physical withdrawal symptoms should recede in the next week or so.

What helped me when I struggled with sleep in the first few days was:

- I took a couple of herbal nytols

- Went for long walks and got plenty of fresh air

- Ran myself a bath before bed, if you have any lavender essential oil around put a few drops in the water - it really made a difference with me.

- Instead of watching tv, read. it helps you relax more.

Good luck, hope it goes soon.




Hi Riversong,

I've had trouble staying asleep for the whole night for a few yrs now, get off fine but always wake at least twice & for no reason, that hasn't changed but i have had very vivid dreams that i can remember so well the next day, nice, but strange dreams...i was very good friends with Gail & Nick Tilsley in one! lol.

Hope the sleepless nights dont go on for much longer, you need your strength to cope with the cravings but you're doing great, so try a few of Niks suggestions, one might just work for you :)

Hi Nik, good to see you're still going strong :D

Trudy x


I use hypnotherapy apps. They make me sleep like a baby.


Thank you so much for all your help. I am going it CT. I had a touch of trouble sleeping before but nothing like this. I will gather together the things you have suggested and see if I can get them to work for me.


Hiya Riversong,

I had massive trouble sleeping for about 6 weeks but everything is totally back to normal. Hang in there come what may, it definitely will get better and the end result, sleep back to normal and being a non smoker, is so worth it :D

Molly x


Good advice Molly :D


Question for you:

Fellow insomniacs, does it get better as the quit moves along? Are there any tricks to help with it?

Hi Riversong, I'm right there with you. Yes, it does get better, mine kicked in about the same time as yours but after reading a thread on this forum I cut out caffeine the next day and was fine that night. I've not done the research but apparantly nocotine suppresses the effect of it somewhat, take away the nicotine and the impact of caffeine is greater, including on your ability to sleep.

It hasn't cured it altogether, but I haven't cut caffeine out altogether either. I'm getting more decent sleeps now than the other way around, and much better than week 3. And when I do get a decent night, the dreams are very peculiar and quite entertaining too!

Keep going with the quit, seems like you're doing well!


I hope your sleep situation is improving!! I love my sleep...and I mean LOVE my sleep but some time ago I got insomnia for no apparent reason..some nights getting no sleep at all on a good night getting about 3 hours. The doctors didnt help and in the end I managed to get it under control by doing some yoga, then having a warm lavender bath, then drinking a cup of camomile tea (2 tea bags in it ;))...I got back to my normal sleeping patterns within a few weeks.

I have just recently started on malted milk before bed and thats helping me to relax but I have to avoid the old camomile on a work night as I could sleep through a bloody fire alarm on it :eek:.


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