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The Non Smoker Chronicle - Day 1


Hi All,

As the joke goes, its easy to quit to smoking, I have done it loads of times! ;)

Laughing (or not as the case may be) aside, I am a serial quitter. My longest attempt - 18 months. My latest attempt - Dec 27th for 16 days - I had the worse behind me so very frustrated on this one - I gave in the the "just one" thoughts. No excuses - it was a stupid thing to do.

I didn't utilise the site here much on my previous and latest quit - I've decided to change direction on this time round - I will be more than lurking here - I will be outlining how the quit is going and hoping to get support from the network of great people here and also - hopefully give some support out to new quitters.

So, its very early days so far - had my last filthstick at 9:25am - so only about 3 hours in - extremely early days but Im proud to be jumping back on the wagon.

Wish me luck!


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Hi Chris!

This sounds like a great idea - not only will it be beneficial to you but I'm sure other quitters will find it useful / interesting reading about your experiences.

I on Day 10 today and I can honestly say I would have never made it this far without this site. Despite some activation issues, reading other people's posts and hearing shared experiences has somehow given me courage and really motivated me. I'm now able to post and want to get as much out of the forum as I can as I find it really empowering knowing so many people are in 'this together'. Its such a support knowing I can pop on hear when I get a craving or have a question about how I'm doing and I know many others feel the same.

Good luck on your quit and look forward to reading your "quitting diary" :)



Hi Han

Thanks for the reply - I'm hoping that my notebook of how the quit is going will help myself but also help others aswell. :-)

I'm really looking forward to "connecting" with alot of you and as I say - building up a network!

Good luck Chris, I look forward to reading your future posts/success story!

This is my first quit and currently on day 16, never thought I would be saying that, but here I am :)

I can't recommend this forum enough.


You've already had a quit far longer than me and you also know the pitfalls and how quickly you got sucked back into being a full blown smoker again.

Armed with that experience and knowledge you should breeze back into the penthouse for a second time next year :D

Wow - thanks for the support Guys! :-)

I'm looking forward to updating you all.


Well done for not quitting quitting - fingers crossed this is your last one!!!

keep on posting...

cant wait to follow your Journey Chris...........well done for not giving up on quitting!!

Marie x

Hi Chris, I was wondering where you had disappeared too! Don't worry about the last attempt, everyone has had a slip or two or three or four or may be even five in my case!

What's fab is that your back and you want to do it! I know you can do it! You've done so well so far, keep going!!!

I haven't been on the forum for a while and I have found it really hard at times, ESP over the wknd around friends who smoke but.... I don't want to be a hermit anymore.... We are going to grit our teeth and f'ing well beat the desires!!

We know craves will pass we are stronger than a little cigarette!!!

I'm wishing you all the luck in the world,

Keep posting and let us all know how your doingxxx

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