day 6 of Champix


day 6 of champix and im down from 35 smokes per day to 1 so far today. so far i do not have any side effects except for being a bit snappy and on edge. Cannot relax. And cigarette brings no releif. can anyone tell me if this will get worse when i go onto the full strength tabs or may it subside?

My partner was meant to give up smoking with me but he is not ready so im going it alone.

I am determined to do this

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  • Champix

    Hi peta.b

    I stopped smoking using Champix. However, at day 6 I was still smoking a packet of cigarettes a day. I do know that many people do what you did and cut down a lot straight away.

    As far as not being able to relax and being snappy - don't worry at this stage. From memory, I went through every emotion known to the human race!! I don't think it's necessarily the fact that you're on Champix that's the problem: it's the fear of the unknown.

    Everything that happened to me I attributed either to Champix, or to giving up smoking. It reminded me of when I was learning to drive: I had fear not of driving, but of getting into a situation that I couldn't handle.

    Taking deep breaths and counting to 10 helped me a lot in the early days, as well as eating loads and loads of fruit. Champix is not a magic solution, but it did take the edge of the cravings. All the best and hang in there - your emotions will settle down eventually.

  • thanks for your reply. im trying trying to get the habit of the addiction under crtrol before my quit day which is next sunday. Its hard because im a stay at home mum but this was never going to be easy

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