Day 6 on Champix!

Hi all, I'm on day 6 using champix - i've tried giving up before... once with patches, once cold turkey & once with e-cigs.

This time I am determined to quit, the champix is helping already & i've only smoked 6 cigs today (usually it's 20-25 a day)

My quit day is Thursday 15th March & even though these tablets are making me feel sick & i'm tired all the time, if they work I don't mind. :)


I've smoked for 34 years...

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  • Well done Denise, I'll keep an eye out for you. Read as much as you can, it really does help. :D

  • Thank you, I will :)

  • hey , lets hope the champix does the trick :)

    well done in getting back to it

    daizy x x

  • Denise 64

    Hi Denise

    We seem to have similarities here, I too have smoked for 33yrs. This is my third attempt on champix..... Im on my 12th day....and not smoked now since last thurs and for 4 days prior to that I was only on four a day.... I was a heavy smoker too ! Hopefully we can exchange progress/symptoms . Champix + willpower = success I figure x. Good luck


  • Thanks for all the replies :)

    Di, you are doing well :) Be great to chat with someone going through the same emotions... I've got 2 days left then i'm stopping - looking forward to it & nervous at the same time.


  • Welcome and congrats. I look at my past failed quits as my preparation for this one! Twice now I have lost solid quits because I can have just the one, so lesson learned for me! Enjoy reading, and good luck on the champix"!

  • Denise 64

    Hi..... I have a correction... I smoked for 43yrs not 33 ! I'm now on day 5 of no cigs at all.... I'm pleased to say today has been easier than yesterday but my willpower won.... Really didn't think I had any but I'm doing good x. Must not give in as having the odd one leads to a packet. Hope you're doing ok xx

  • Genes

    You are so right..... It really is all or nothing! I've learned that now and know that I can't go back..... Each day gives me more determination x. You must be proud to have cold turkey.... No way could I do that..... Champix are such a great help though I do worry about them....!

  • Una

    Thanks for your encouraging words..... Yesterday I thought I would not do this but today I feel so positive... It's a great feeling too ! Onwards and upwards .... Lol..... I'm sure Denise won't mind being referred to as a 'girl' I know I don't lol ;-) Thanks again x

  • Thank you all so much :) it really helps to know other people understand... I, know in the past when i've tried to give up, i've given in to that one cig & it just starts me off again - this time I know not to do that, i'm not going through all this again :(

    The champix must be working, i've only smoked 5 cigs today - which is a miracle for me!!

    Really looking foward to thursday now, can't wait to start giving up!!!

    Good luck to you all & well done to all who have already quit.

    Denise :)

  • Hi Denise

    I am on champix too - it is hard feeling so tired and sick but I did find once I actually stopped smoking I felt better on the tablets - maybe thats how they work!! I felt rubbish on them for the first couple of weeks but feel fine on them now as long as I take after food and drink loads! Have you had the mad dreams?

    Good luck for Thursday!! I was so nervous about my quit date - was actually glad when it came round!


  • Hi Mandy, tomorrow is the day & i'm looking forward to it now :) Everytime I smoke I feel more sick so hopefully like you i'll feel better when I stop. It'll be my 10th day on champox tomorrow & yes i've started having mad dreams - really weird ones!! I'm finding falling to sleep hard too but feel really tired all the time.


  • Denise 64

    Hi Denise..... Good luck for tomorrow.... I learned from past experience on champix that smoking even one on the tablets made me feel quite lousy....... I'm into day 15 on champix but smoke free now for a whole 6 days ! Some of this time has not been easy but I've stuck to my guns...... I know that one light up will constitute a fail...... Be strong tomorrow xxx

  • Good luck for today Denise!:D

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