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Day 8

I have amazed myself with how well I have handled going cold turkey and for 7 days I had a few issues controlling the anger that built up but I managed to find activities to counter act it :)

Today, day 8 is different. After some not so nice news and "discussions" this morning I found myself struggling and ended up sat in the car at the shop ready to go in and waste my hard earned money on cancer sticks :mad:. I didn't but the feeling of needing a cigarette is huge right now. Funnily enough writing this is actually helping, maybe I will sit here for the day ;). I have no interest in failure, I guess I need to work out something productive to do when life gets that little bit more stressed.

Thanks for putting up with my rant.

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Hi Zene,

please don't apologise for ranting. We all need to do that from time to time.

I am so proud of you for not caving in and buying some. You should focus on that success for starters!

Whenever I got like that in the first few weeks I would go for a walk and clear my head. Every single time I did that I came back more positive and able to deal with whatever rubbish life was chucking my way.

Reading posts on this forum also helps me whenever I feel out of sorts.

Hang in there and stay strong Zene,

You are doing this :)

Molly x


zene, Well done for not going in the shop! It will pass, just keep strong, gou will be gutted if you give in, dont do it you are doing great!


I found having a rant on here helped me loads in the early days:eek:

Please keep going I wish you the very best of luck and rant away to your hearts content, anything to keep your mind off it;)


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